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Here We Go Again


For the past few weeks we have seen a daily increase in violence from the Islamic Arabs who prefer to call themselves “Palestinians”.  Many are saying it looks like we will have the 4th Intifada. Yet to me it looks like it has already started, with daily riots and attempted assassinations of Right Wing politicians through ‘drive-by’ shootings by Arabs on motorcycles.  I have noticed something different this time. Everything seems to be pointed at, or is about, the Temple Mount and the Old City of Jerusalem which they like to refer to as part of the ‘West Bank’.  But in reality it is the eternal capital of Israel and God willing our Prime Minister Netanyahu will not ever give in to the Obama pressure to surrender to the Muslim Arabs.

Obama and Kerry keep saying there has to be a “Palestinian State” knowing that there is no chance of that ever happening – or at least not one living side by side with a Jewish State.  The US keeps telling us that we cannot build new homes for Jews in Jerusalem, and we can’t build any new home in Judea and Samaria. What they are really saying is that we can’t have children and if we do they can’t live in Israel. They must move to some other place on planet earth because there is no place for more Jews in Israel.

Anyone with any sanity knows that the Arabs will never accept a Jewish State and will never accept a two state solution. They have only one plan. To destroy Israel.  We watch ISIS. (Islamic State) move closer to our borders and then we hear Obama say he will not allow any boots on the ground to fight them in Iraq or Syria.  But when the Saudi Prince asks him to send bombers to strike ISIS he quickly does it.

In the meantime Islamic terrorists are moving in droves into the United States and setting up terrorist training camps. You could possibly live near one and not even know it. Here is a list of just 30 of them and there are many more.

  1. Marion, Alabama
  2. Baladullah, California
  3. Oak Hill, California  
  4. Squaw Valley, California  
  5. Tulare County, California  
  6. Buena Vista, Colorado
  7. Tallahassee, Florida
  8. Commerce, Georgia
  9. Jessup, Georgia
  10. Springfield, Massachusetts
  11. Hagerstown, Maryland
  12. Hyattsville, Maryland
  13. Coldwater, Michigan
  14. Binghamton, New York
  15. Deposit, New York
  16. Hancock, New York (National Headquarters) 
  17. Talihina, Oklahoma
  18. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  19. Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania
  20. York, South Carolina

21 Dover, Tennessee 

  1. Houston, Texas
  2. Waco, Texas
  3. Fairfax, Virginia
  4. Falls Church, Virginia
  5. Meherrin, Virginia
  6. Red House, Virginia  
  7. Roanoke, Virginia
  8. Bethany, West Virginia
  9. Onalaska, Washington


Or if you really want to see what is coming right at the United States watch this video




And if you still don’t believe Obama is part of all this, you are a lost cause.


Today, all over Europe, Jews are running scared. There are more Jews leaving France, England and Germany in the past year than in the past few years combined. But we all know that many will not get out in time, and they will need us to bring them home to Israel by sea.

When I first began saying that there is another Holocaust coming to the European Jews many thought I was crazy. But today it is almost common knowledge that it’s on the near horizon and nothing can stop it.


With the boats we now have only a few can be saved, and once again I want to say we must have a larger boat. At least 30 to 40 meters and able to carry hundreds instead of 30 or 40 at a time such as the ones we now have.


There has never been a time when we needed support for the necessary provisions and logistics as we do right now.  There is a long list of necessities needed on the boats in order to make a safe voyage with many who may be ill or sick, food medicine, etc etc.


In the meantime we are doing all we can to stock provisions as we know in a time of war we will be faced with having to provide food and God only knows what else for many.


All I am asking you to do is pray and then wait to hear from God on what your part is to be in this ministry to bless Israel. Then be obedient.


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for your part in this ministry.


Shalom, Jerry Golden


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