His Way and His Time

His Way and His Time


As the world goes through many changes we find the same things happening in the Lord’s ministry here in Israel to save the European Jews from the coming holocaust far worse than the 30’s and 40’s because it is going global.  For the past few years, we felt the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) lead us to purchase boats, and begin making arrangements with Rabbis and certain Believers who can be trusted to make secret plans to organize safe houses and safe routes, boat trips to ports, marinas and unnamed places in Turkey, Rhodes, Kos, and Cyprus.  A lot of time and finances have been spent making contacts, emergency communications with the right people.  We now find ourselves faced with the possibility of failure.  First, it was COVID-19 then the Devil gave us Biden who has singlehandedly destroyed not only the US but has caused chaos around the world.  Even the Russian Ukraine war, how did he do that, it was Biden who was wanting Ukraine to join NATO the reason being to make it possible for the US to place missiles in Ukraine right next to Russia. Had Putin tried to place missiles in Canada, or Mexico we would be looking at another Bay of Pigs.


But what it has done to this and many other ministries is has limited or completely stopped donations, there is a long list of ministries who were in Israel and who have had to call it quits because of no support.  So maybe I can blame that on Biden too, why not.  But I just can’t make myself believe Biden or those who control him can stop this ministry, it is way too close to God’s Heart.


We can now see that God as usual or always knows what it would take to motivate you and He knew buying boats to rescue European Jews when commercial flights were no longer available, that coupled with His Word and my love for Jewish people motivated and sent me, Connie and Joel on an adventure of finding boats and making necessary contacts throughout the Eastern Mediterranean.  It became a fantastic education in the cultures, mentality, Languages, and religions of the region.


We soon learned that keeping a small fleet of boats in marinas was very expensive with maintenance and moorings it wasn’t long after COID-19 began our finances that came in for ministry just weren’t enough to pay the bills.  Unlike many others who folded up and went home, we were home and knew we couldn’t just walk away.  In the spirit, I knew it would be impossible for us to please God by quitting.  Needless to say, it has seriously improved our prayer lives.  Our son Joel who has just finished over 20 yrs in the IDF Special Forces now married to Ola and has given us two very beautiful grandkids who we love very much.  But something else happened Joel begin having dreams they were vivid and real he told me about one it was God speaking to him about feeding the children in Israel who go to bed hungry every night.  His mother and I have been working with a social worker in a very poor part of the Jerusalem area and we decided it was time for us to expand that part of the Ministry he now delivers truckloads of food to them every Thursday afternoon.  In his dream, he saw a warehouse full of food and deliveries being made by others working volunteer workers to thousands of hurting families.


One dream and one vision led to another and we begin to see that when the coming war is over and we are picking up Jews bringing them home to Israel it would be a time right after a war and provisions would not be so easily available and that warehouse with food would be a God sent.


But God had more to say to us about the future of this ministry.  He began to show us that we could not continue trying to own or have our own boats, the expense just was making it an impossibility at least for us with moorings, maintenance, and crews.  The dollar has gone down over 25% in the past two years against Israeli currency; corona has made it impossible for many to continue support as their own families were in great need. Wicked weather over the US, floods, droughts, Hurricanes, Tornados, riots, crime, and moral decline, the global economy crashing but worse of all turning away from God.


Joel and I know many Jewish boat owners here in Israel and around the Mediterranean, some are more than willing to join us in rescuing European Jews when they will have no other way to escape near-certain death if they stay there.  What is needed is coordination between us and them and some of them will need help with provisions and safety equipment.  They have strong family memories of the Holocaust there is no doubt many will be joining us.  This would make it only necessary for us to lead the flotilla and  direct them to the right people and places.

We are asking you and others to ask your Church and friends to join us.  The time is running out for preparations both for the boat ministry and the food ministry they work together and we need a lot of help, your help.


Close on some good news, 140 Jewish Orphans in Ukraine with their Rabbi and a few custodians arrived here in our Moshav last night, Joel and Ola have been hauling clothing, food, and toys to the campgrounds in our Moshav assisting the Organization.


Joel will be putting out a video on YouTube in the coming days showing their arrival at the Moshav.


These 140 Jewish Orphans are the lucky ones they have spent the past two weeks in bomb shelters unable to sleep with constant bombing and sirens.  Israel has gathered many psychologists and social workers to help them adjust to their new homes as they will be adopted here in Israel.  They have suffered the loss of family and the horrors of the war please pray for them and those who.


It seems our needs continue to increase as the world continues to descend into total chaos.  As believers in Yeshua (Jesus) we know the importance of Israel and the Lord’s return, I pray that God by His Holy Spirit speaks into your heart and soul to bless Israel either through this ministry or however the Lord leads.


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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, pray for God’s blessing on your family and this Ministry.


Shalom, jerry golden

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