Holocaust Remembrance Day

May – 2 – 2019


Israel stopped and stood still today May 2 – 2019 in remembrance of the 6 million Jews who were murdered for the crime of being Jewish.  With 1.5 million of them being children, it was Hitler’s final solution and that same spirit is still alive in Islamic teaching and killing Jews today.  And in the countries where they are strong enough they are killing Christians by the tens of thousands. Most Christians around the world still enjoy their three songs, one special solo, a message of salvation to a Church for believers and then pass the offering basket.  Then they go from there to their favourite restaurant feeling they have satisfied the responsibility of calling themselves a Christian.   While all the time Islam is killing them by the thousands and they will say “there is nothing I can do about it”.  Simply waiting for the killing to come to them but when it does there will be no help for them either.  Everyone reading this has a voice and you can decide to use it to stop the killing of Jews and Christians.  And even if they think it will not happen to them, maybe they should stop the foolish thinking and start thinking about their children. Because if they don’t stand up and stop the killings and the evil take over of Islam that seems to be backed by the Democrat Party their kids could very well pay with their heads.


Today as I stood for the two minutes of silence in remembrance of the Holocaust many things went through my mind. First the members of my own family who were murdered in the Holocaust.  As I stood there with the rest of Israel in silence for two minutes I could see in my minds eye the suffering and torments of being in one of Hitler’s death camps.  I will spare you the details of the suffering I could see and feel.  Inside of me there was a rising pressure so strong I wanted to scream out to the world to wake up to the truth, Islam is out to kill you, and they are using your own Constitution and Bill of Rights to do it.


We have many wonderful Christian friends who live in the UK and throughout Europe and they realize the full extent of what is happening to their country but feel helpless to do anything to stop the Muslims from taking over and forcing upon them Sharia Law.  Many churches in Europe have been either destroyed or turned into Islamic mosques.  Most of the European political leaders, for the most part, are spineless cowards and the few that still have a backbone are badly out numbered.


As for the United States, have you heard of the Islamic State called Michigan, or their capital Dearborn Michigan and Minnesota not far behind as both States now send Muslims to Congress. The FBI has sent out reports of the Islamic encampments around the rural areas of the country where Islamic military training camps are operating and have been for years unhindered by the Law. To verify this report just do a search on Google for “Islamic Training Camps in the United States”.  Even in the southern states all you have to do is go to town and look at the Muslim women with their head scarfs and think back just a few years. You probably have never seen or even knew what one looked like.  Like Europe, it’s happening fast and with both the southern and northern borders wide open for illegal immigration and the Democrats wanting to keep open those borders, the United States as we know it will cease to exist.


For most of us here in Israel it’s hard to understand why the Government doesn’t finish off Hamas in Gaza and concentrate on Hezbollah in Lebanon. Now in Syria the Iranians are building their military infrastructure giving them control of two fronts’ [possibly three], for Israel to fight if Iran starts firing missiles from there.  One thing is certain. The enemies of God and of Israel have no intention to stop building up their military to attack Israel.  Hezbollah, a terrorist group, already has more missiles and a larger military than many countries.  Hamas has just shown us that they can send a missile from Gaza nearly to Haifa. This means they can cover most of Israel with the rockets they now have, and Hezbollah is known to have around 200,000 rockets and missiles capable of striking every part of Israel.  So, the longer Israel waits to preempt the harder it will be to survive what is coming right at us. Yet there is no doubt Israel will survive and when the dust settles the only place on earth for a Jew to live will be in Israel.  I pray daily for the leadership of the Holy Spirit to lead and guide this ministry that we will be ready and able to save as many Jews as possible with the boats we now have.


I pray that every believer in Yeshua (Jesus) will love Israel and the Jews. God has used them to bless you in so many ways, and it’s the Devil who hates Jews. Today he is in control of the majority of all the news media around the world and they have a huge control of the thinking of the general public.  For the believers who do read the Bible [and they are far too few] many of them are reading translations that are, in my opinion, designed to lead you away from the truths revealed in the KJV, they know and understand the importance of Israel and the Jews in the end times, today.  God will bless those who bless Israel. How do I know this? Gen. 12:3 God can’t lie He is Truth.


This ministry is sitting here in Israel with two boats trying to get ready for what we know is coming and our finances have fallen off over the past few months.  We need to get all the provisions in place, all the contacts ready for operations and God willing a larger boat to carry many more home to Israel.  I’ve said this before, but here it comes again because it is the truth as well.  We have never been this financially devastated as we are right now.  Many who have made it possible for this ministry to reach out to European Jewish communities, buy two boats, and help several needy families for the past few years has all come to an end as the donations have become far short of what this ministry needs to operate on a daily basis.


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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, Jerry Golden

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