Holocaust Remembrance Day

April 19th

There are thousands of Holocaust pictures I could post in this article, but you’ve seen many of them. Bulldozers pushing hundreds of dead Jews into mass graves, the gas chambers and the horrible pictures of women and children starving to death. What the Nazis did is beyond the ability of the human mind to comprehend how any human being could treat another human like that.

In today’s Jerusalem Posta writer wrote the following;

“We, the last survivors, have a solemn obligation to testify, in the name of the dead and the living, that what we have endured was a gruesome reality indeed, but also a permanent warning to mankind as a whole of horrors that might still lie ahead.”

Anyone with eyes to see will know that another Holocaust is on the horizon -not only in Europe but throughout the world. The Devil has once again begun to whisper into the ears of the most evil among us that it is the Jews, we must get rid of those Jews!

The same Nazi spirit that lived in Hitler today lives in the Islamic movement, that is terrorizing the world and about to take over large portions of Europe.

As all of Israel stops and stands in silence in memory of the 6,000,000 Jews who were systematically murdered in concentration camps, many ‘knowing’ Jews realize and can see the hand of the devil once again at work. This time the difference is thatthe whole world is watching and those who God has called and who know His Word will be held accountable for their action or inaction. For to know to do good and do it not is a sin.

As we continue to prepare to save as many Jews as we possibly can bysea, there is a horrible re-occurring dream that I have. In this dream I am forced to say there is not room on the boat for any more and as I stand there looking into the eyes of the Jewish children and their parents my heart cries out “Oh My God Help Them!”.

Daily I pray for a larger boat, because the two boats we now haveare very limitedin the amount of Jews we can rescue. Connie and I just returned from Turkey. While there we put our Gullet back in the water in good condition, ready andseaworthy. The only thing now needed on that boat is radar.

There are many trips that must be made over the next few weeks and months, making more contacts and arrangements. We need your assistance. Will you pray with me about this great need?

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden


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