How About Some Truth?

May 15, 2013

Russia is making no secret that they are backing the Syrian Government 100%. Over the past few days there has been a flurry of foreign diplomats meeting with Putin including Netanyahu, all trying to get him not to send the S-300 anti-missile to the Syrian Government. The Israeli intelligence I’m receiving says he has already sent the missiles and the launchers to Assad. It is also known that over the past year or so the Syrian Army has been trained in Russia on how to operate these missiles.

Many horrible things are happening in Syria but all the main line media is reporting is how terrible the Assad regime is and how barbaric the Syrian army is. I certainly will not defend the Syrian Army – they are barbaric as are all Arab armies. But the so-called Arab ‘rebels’ are being controlled by Islamic extremists and they bring the word ‘barbaric’ to a horrible and unbelievable level of cruelty to the human race. I just watched a video that I will not even send out, that shows an Iranian Hezbollah “rebel” cutting the heart out of a fallen Syrian army officer and eating it. These are the ones who want to replace the current Syrian government. The truth is America is being led down a road of total destruction by the one who sits in the White House. I find it almost impossible to understand why the streets and cities across the US are not full of protesters demanding Obama be impeached or even put on trial for treason. But the fact is it has now gone to the point that even if the citizens did it would please Obama as well, for then martial law could be imposed and this would give him even more power. The bottom line is America is in big trouble and if the elected ones in Congress don’t somehow wake up and get the strength to stand up and do the right thing it is all over for the US as we have known it.

What needs to be understood when you are talking about Islamic Arab governments is that there are no words that can be written which show the evil that has controlled these murdering monsters for decades. But they are in the process of showing their real faces in the US as they have been doing in Israel for the past 60 years. The US prisons are the largest recruiting ground for Islamic terrorism, and cities across the US with high unemployment are recruiting young men and women into the evil brainwashing of Islam. There is an evil army of brainwashed, Islamic, home-grown terrorists ready to be unleashed in American cities. There have been Arab sleeper cells that both the FBI and CIA have talked about for years in every city in the US. To say all hell is about to break loose is a statement I am willing to make.

We here in Israel know the enemy we are faced with, we also know that the UN and other Governments in many European countries have already submitted to Islam – by the way “Islam” means “Submission”. And the moment a President, governor or mayor submits to the Islamic forces in his or her state or city it is all over. They win, and then they go into the next step of taking over.

I could go on and on, but all you need to do is read God’s Word. It is all there. It has all been prophesied and we are watching the fulfillment of these prophecies come to pass before our very eyes.

We also know that God’s Word centers on Israel, the Jews, and Jerusalem in the end days. For those who have been grafted into the Jewish root and have felt the supernatural love of God for the Jews and Israel in these days know the importance of all this.

There was a supernatural gathering of Jews by the hand of God in 1948 and it is prophesied in Isa, 11:11 that there will be the second gathering and this is the gathering God has called us to prepare for.

We now have three boats, a 60-foot motor yacht, a 60-foot Turkish Gullet and a 31-foot fast boat with long range to make rapid trips back and forth from Cyprus and Turkey with small groups aboard. What is needed is a larger boat to carry hundreds from the Greek Islands and Turkey to Israel. We pray daily for the finances for such a boat. It would save many Jewish lives. Another holocaust is on the horizon throughout Europe and God has called us to save as many as we possibly can, and we will.

There has been a Satanic attack on this ministry over the past few months. That tells me the time is near for all hell to break loose. That time for preparations is drawing to a close and it is time for action in the face of danger and circumstances that most would consider unimaginable. Yet we know that the Holy Spirit will be with us and go before us. Much preparation has been accomplished but much still needs to be done. Our finances are far too low for fuel and provisions that will be needed. Communications and more contacts are needed. The Jewish communities in Europe need to be more aware of the possibility of our rescuing them. Connie and I returned from Turkey a couple weeks ago. Another trip is planned for this coming week and many important meetings will take place.

If God has called you to be part of this ministry now is the time for you to listen to that voice that speaks into your spirit, and be obedient to the calling. So much depends on your obedience.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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