How Clever is the Devil

March 22, 2013

The same deceitful lies the Devil mixed with Scriptures on the Mount of Temptation is being played out today in Israel by Obama. To say Obama is two faced would be a compliment because he is far worse, he is terribly evil. To watch Shimon Peres give Obama the highest civilian honor that is bestrode on a civilian was a picture to remember and it reminds me of the Obama Noble Peace Prize. And then to hear Peres say to Obama, “Welcome Home” what did he mean by that? I will allow your own ability to discern the spirits that is behind all of this evil insanity.

Obama’s main speech was to University students here in Israel, but one University was not invited Ariel University located in Samaria (West Bank), you might wonder why they were not invited, the answer is simple, they consist mostly of young Zionist Jews, while the others have a large “Palestinian” population and many foreign students who have symphony with the “pro Palestinian statements, this explains all of the applauds every time Obama said anything in support of dividing Israel with a Palestinian State.

Netanyahu’s act of support and friendship with Obama was enough to make any intelligent person sick. It was understandable and even expected to see Peres embrace Obama but not so easy to understand Netanyahu who has just been reelected and his two largest coalition partners are pro settlement and pro Zionist. It will now be harder than ever for Netanyahu to move towards stopping settlement growth much less moving them out of Judea and Samaria.

We are now hearing from the Supreme Leader of Iran the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei that he will destroy Tel-Aviv and flatten Haifa if Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear plants. We are also hearing more hatred pour out of Iran towards the USA, stating that America is the real problem not Israel, and they will attack America as well. At the same time Iran’s friend North Korea is threatening to bomb the US.

We now have seen the use of chemical weapons in Syria, most likely a false flag operation trying to make the world believe Assad ordered it, when in fact the Islamic terrorists are more then capable of killing other Muslims, in fact, they kill more Muslims than any one else. What Israel is now forced to do is build a large IDF presence on the Syrian border in the Golan Heights as the so-called rebels come closer every day and sending an occasional rocket into Israel always claiming it was a mistake.

Hezbollah has done all they can do to destroy democracy in Lebanon and now have joined the Islamic Terrorist forces in Syria to take over that country as well. As usual American is coming down on the wrong side of the fight in favor of the Islamist terrorists, when the alternative being the mass murderer Assad. It’s the old case of the lesser of two evils.

Back to the Obama visit, along with all the problems Israel faces for its very survival we now have Obama standing in front of an Israeli college and university students, inciting them to come against the Israeli government, that is called incitement but I still haven’t heard that word used in regards to his speech, we should be hearing it, but we are talking about Obama and there always seems to be a new set of rules when it come to the media and Obama even in Israel.

I will close with this, it now seems that what everyone in the knowledge of God’s Word will be watching to see is what happens now to the US after Obama has made a strong case for dividing Israel. Will it be floods, fires, horrible weather or earthquakes, or a combination, and there is the very real possibility of an nuclear attack. One thing is certain God cannot lie, Gen. 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

Our need for the larger boat is still very real, there are many used Turkish Gullets for sale at really great prices, that could carry hundreds to safety out of Europe, and anti-Semitism there is at a all time high, Jews are living in fear of their lives. Many will not make it out in time and will depend on our efforts to save them from another Holocaust, we will do what we can with the boats we now have but they are not large enough. Our best boat goes back in the water in a few days and we are even short of the needed finances to pay for the repairs that have been done. We need you to pray about your part in this Ministry.

If God has been speaking to you about supporting this Ministry in Israel, we welcome your support.

The best way at this time is by personal cheque and sent by airmail, and if you are concerned about security you can register the letter. You can send Personal or Bank Cheques by airmail or registered mail. Money orders are also okay, with the exception of US Postal Money Orders. They are not accepted outside of the US. All other cheques and money orders can be sent

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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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