How It Looks From Israel

February 20, 2013

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I would love to tell you that there have been some changes for the good here in Israel and the Middle East. That isn’t the case. Syria’s civil war grows closer to our northern border each day – with occasional shells landing in Israel. Now even wounded Islamic fighters are showing up on our border asking for medical help. Can you imagine what would happen if that was reversed! The real truth is that the so-called “Rebel Fighters” in Syria are, for the most part, Islamic extremists who are positioning themselves to take over Syria when the Assad Government falls. Israel’s major concern is the chemical weaponry which will fall into the Islamic terrorist hands. Many of these weapons were also transferred into Syria from Iraq. Syria, much like Egypt, has thousands of tanks and airplanes – not to mention tens of thousands of rockets and missiles, so this is of even a greater concern to Israel.

With Obama’s close friendship with Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood Israel finds herself in a really tight spot with the new arrival from Obama of F-16’s and tanks, when Egypt already has quite enough of both.

Russia is still holding the USA and Israel back as much as they can from enforcing a no-fly zone over Syria or from giving too much assistance to Assad. Don’t misunderstand me. Assad is a murdering monster like all Arab dictators when pushed into a corner. Yet what is about to replace him is far worse. It should also be said that there are many in Syria who want to fight for freedom and do not want Islamic terrorists to take over their country. However, they are outgunned and being killed by the tens of thousands – while the rest of the world sits by not knowing how to help when Russia, Iran and China protect Assad. If Iran was to lose Syria it would also be a devastating blow to the Hezbollah in Lebanon.

In the meantime back here in Israel Netanyahu has found himself in a real bind trying to form a new coalition by acquiring 61+ seats in the Knesset. If by chance he finds it impossible to do so, God only knows what comes next for Israel with the Liberals in the wings waiting to take over.

As for the U.S., I will say it as straight and as simply as possible. I cannot understand why the good people of America are not on the streets across the country demanding Obama be impeached. Instead I read he has more than a 60% approval rating. It is also obvious that if there were large street demonstrations it would quickly turn into a race war. Possibly that is just what Obama wants in order establish Martial Law? Any way you look at it the US is in real big trouble, and that will effect all of the rest of the world as well.

As always I will end this report with a plea for your help. When the smoke settles Israel will still be here and it will be the only place on earth that Jews can live safely. There will be no commercial flights into Israel and the only possible way for them to get here out of Europe and elsewhere will be by sea. We now have three boats, but our finances are very low. We need your help today. So much may depend on it. The vessel we keep in Turkey has had a lot of work done on it over the winter costing a total of over 50,000 euro. It goes back in the water next month and the bills must be paid. It is now very seaworthy and capable of carrying many Jews home to Israel. I am asking you to pray about this. We need your help. We just made a quick trip to Turkey and back making sure everything is as it should be. There are several more trips to parts of the Eastern Med that must be made over the next month or so. Your prayers for these trips are very important.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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