IDF says war in Gaza approaching,

Only in Israel Could This Happen!


IDF says war in Gaza approaching,

Communities near the Gaza Strip could be evacuated.

That’s over 100,000 Jews.

Aug 9th  2018


Another night of pure terror in Jewish communities near the Gaza Strip as dozens of rocket were fired into Israeli towns and communities.  Sirens sounding in the middle of the night kids screaming parents doing everything they can with the few seconds before rockets hit and kill and destroy the Israeli iron dome intercepting many but still some getting through.


I don’t know if you can imagine living like this with small children, knowing that the UN will not call it a war crime and for the most part the world at large will not even hear about it but will most certainly hear about Israel’s retaliation and the UN and the New World Order media will quickly call that a war crime.


Speaking of the retaliation by the IDF and how most Israelis who live in or near Gaza experience these rocket attacks and watch their children being traumatized and see how the IDF retaliation is carried out, it is like some kind of secret or unspoken agreement that the IDF only bombs empty buildings and the Hamas and other Terrorists Organizations know to send their rockets and then vacate the buildings and wait for the bombs to come on their empty buildings, it’s the same ole story over and over.  Causing me to wonder if there is something more cynical or diabolical going on because I know of no other country that would allow a terrorist group to constantly target their civilian population and not go after them with full force and wipe them out completely once and for all.  We are talking about the most powerful military force in the Middle East allowing a terrorist organization to kill its citizens with impunity and not go after and destroy them.  Folks, there is something wrong with that picture.


Some are saying it’s because Israel knows a big war is coming with Hezbollah/Iran in Lebanon and Syria and they don’t want to fight a war on two fronts at the same time.  But the problem with that thinking is you have no choice but to fight the war you have regardless of one or two fronts.  Others are saying that it’s American holding Israel back so Trump can make the big deal and that also is no reason to allow someone to kill your citizens and then just blow up their empty buildings.  Besides you can’t deal with terrorist you either kill them or they kill you, end of the story.


As far as I can see and I’ve been here for decades there is a war on the horizon that will over shadow all the other wars, like they say in this part of the world it will be the mother of all wars.  Even our IDF Generals are telling us to prepare, for it will be terrible and many will die and when the Generals are telling you that it is way past time to get serious about preparations.


In my daily prayers I ask God to show me how to be ready with our boats to save Jewish lives, where to have the boats positioned when the first and terrible onslaught of missiles is flying over Israel. Because I also know (I just know) that when the war kicks off here in Israel all hell will break lose for the Jews of Europe making a repeat of the 30’s and 40’s.  And those Jews who didn’t hear the fishermen will certainly hear the hunters.  I also know that only by the leading and protection of the Rauch Hakodesh (Holy Spirit) we will be able to be where we need to be to make the pick ups and bring them home to Israel.  God didn’t  ask me or anyone to do anything but be obedient to His Calling, without fear and knowing it is all in His hands.


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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, jerry golden

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