If you Love Israel you may be Interested

King Hussein of Jordan had control of what was then called Palestine back in the 40’s he built camel stables and barracks for his troops, one of them is now located in the Judean Desert just high above Ein Gedi over looking the Dead Sea.  The location absolutely breath taking but it is necessary to travel through some places most won’t go with out military protection.  Keeping in mind this is an IDF General who can call in troops even tanks if he needs them.  There were two tanks near the place when I was there so I took a picture for you.

One of Joel’s good friends and IDF General’s began to notice that the Arab Bedouins were spreading out in this area of the Judean Desert and about to move into this structure and put their claim on it making it difficult to remove them once they settle in so he has taken it on himself to move into it and make it into a vacation place for Israelis and tourist.  Joel had told me what a really great guy this General is and yesterday I made the trip with Joel to meet him.  Joel was right he is a great man and a 100% Jewish Zionist.  The soldiers under his command love him they see his vision for this place and are volunteering to come out and help him with the renovations on there leave and spare time at no charge.  Joel has come out a few times to offer some extra security as the local Bedouins hate the General and come too protest and force him out it usually turns violent.  They like to come at night when he sleeps and he needs security in order to get some sleep.

Monday June 14th Joel will upload on his YouTube Channel “The GoldenReport” a video of what the General is doing to save this place in the Judean Desert for the Jewish people.


Be looking for this YouTube Report  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJsbIMHnIDiZUxIa7tQqx-Q


Joel and I are very busy with our own ministry to save Jewish lives, but if there is anyway we can help the General we will be more than willing.  After you watch Joel’s YouTube please leave a message so we will know what you think about it.

Checkout our web site we need you support out time is running about to set sail and bring them home before they face another holocaust.  https://thegoldenreport.net/

Shalom jerry

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