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You might remember a few years back when I first received the vision to save as many European Jews as possible and the only way it would be possible is with boats. The criticism we received was unrelenting and for the most part with a lot of name calling. What made it possible to keep going was I knew it was God who had spoke into my spirit to prepare to save My Jewish people from Europe who would have no other way to get home to Israel.

Today we can see what we couldn’t see back then. In the Netherlands, France and much of England Jews are fighting for their survival against Islamic Terrorists; we are hearing things like this https://go.madmimi.com/redirects/1391107116-c6e0321a1dcb1f52c3ce5d7788f1207d-a5f6717?pa=20117231169

Today all over Europe Jewish homes businesses and Synagogues are being burnt to the ground, shouting “Jews Get Out”. Jewish men too frighten to wear their head covering in public places and Jewish women afraid to leave home alone.

The French Jews came to Israel in groves in 2013, and many more are making arrangements to make Aliyah (move to Israel) in 2014. The Netherlands are finding less and less Jews living there as the Muslims take over the Politicians are to intimidate to speak out against them, with the exception of one or two and they live in fear of being assassinated.

In 1991 Bush convinced Israel to not get involved in the Iraqi war, and Tel-Aviv was rained down on with 39 Scud Missiles from Iraq. This time Obama has held Israel off from attacking Iran before they had the ability to make their own nuclear bomb. It now appears that Israel and the world have waited to long and now Iran cannot be stopped from producing many nuclear bombs and they now have the ability to deliver them to Israel and Europe and if the US thinks they are out of reach they and very mistaken. Iran does not have to fire them from Iran, but from ships that are in range of US cities every day.

While all this has been going on all the other enemies of Israel such as Hezbollah, Hamas and a large group of other Islamic Terrorist Organizations have now amassed over 170,000 missiles all aimed at Israeli cities. http://www.timesofisrael.com/170000-rockets-are-aimed-at-israels-cities-says-idf-intel-head/

This time the Arabs think they have a chance to defeat Israel and to kill all the Jews. Like all the other times before they will fail. That is not to say things won’t get rough around here for a while, but when the dust settles it will be the only place on planet earth where Jews can live a Jewish life style and be able to defend themselves. Most Jews have already come to that conclusion. Like the 30’s and 40’s there will be tens of thousands even hundreds of thousands who will wait to long, and when the missiles start flying, the option of flying into Israel on a commercial airlines will not be a possibility. And today many in European Jews know of us and will be asking for our help to save them and their families. It is my occurring nightmare that we will not be able to save but a few because of the size of our boats and limited finances.

I feel as if I have failed, and I ask God daily to please find someone who has more knowledge in raising the needed finances. To please touch some of the wealthy Jews who have these large multi million dollar boats. But it seems that it is a burden God has placed for the time being on the hearts of Believers in Yeshua who for the most part are not wealthy. But because of their obedience to God’s call on their lives we now have three boats, and God has joined with us a few others who have boats and have a heart to save Jewish lives.

Because of attrition many of our contacts have moved and need to be replaced, this summer if these wars hold off that long we need to do a lot of traveling around the Eastern Med. to renew contacts and communications, but our greatest need is still the purchase of a larger Turkish Gullet.

If there has ever been a time for those who God has joined to this Ministry to bless Israel and save Jewish lives the time is now for them to make their largest sacrificial gift possible. While the dollar and euro still has buying power.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the soldiers of the IDF. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden

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