Important Report, Ministry Changes.


I’m getting old (82) but still in pretty good health but I know it’s time for me to release control of this ministry, God is raising Joel and Connie to take the lead of this ministry and save many lives, and in the meantime help feed Israeli children here in Israel, and build up a food supply for those Jews who come in a time of war.  So much time and finances have been extended in making contacts to save European Jews that we cannot allow all that ministry and efforts to be forgotten and not save Jewish lives.

God has used Joel to show me that changes must be made and quickly, we don’t need boats as much as we need others with boats because the finances have proven to be something we have been unable to raise and the very large sum of cash for larger boats needed for successful operations to have in place to execute our plans for the boats we have acquired.  The boats have given us the way to make the right contacts in the right places with Rabbis and others who can be trusted. Instead, the Holy Spirit has made it very clear to us that the knowledge we have acquired over the past few years with the necessary contacts and emergency communications is very valuable to those who have boats and love Israel and will answer the call to save Jewish lives. This is simply because the knowledge we have accumulated and put into place is the one thing all the boat owners here in Israel, and a few others places don’t have. This information is needed for the places of pickups and personal contacts to enable them to use their boats to save Jewish lives. But with our assistance and their boats both large and small we can save many lives.

Joel and Connie have been able to show me that with the many Israeli and Christian boat owners both large and small in Israel and around the world could save many but they would need the coordination we have established like ports, marinas, and the long process of organizing the right contacts and emergency communications to make the rescues successful.

It has now become very obvious that our attention must now be turned to loving the Jewish people, that means if necessary to feed them and prepare to help those who will be arriving in a time of war in the boats.  The world has gone completely insane and God and His Word is our only hope.  God says if you love Me love my people He has commanded us to love one another.

No I am not retiring but circumstances says it is time for me to slow down. It’s my advice Joel needs. I know him and trust him 100%he is my son.  God has prepared him for such a time as this with 20 years experience in the Special Forces of the IDF. He also has made most of the trips making the contacts with Rabbis and many others.  So there really isn’t anything he doesn’t know about boat operations and arrangements.

I pray God touches you and others to support him as he feeds hungry Jewish children and prepares to do all the hard work necessary to organize rescue missions to save European Jews with many boats. He has the mind and mental capacity to be in control of such an operation, but he needs your assistance in prayer and finances.  If I sound like a proud father it’s because I am.

Joel has established a new YouTube Channel. If you don’t know Joel catch a few of his YouTubes and let me know what you think. His Mother and I show up on some of them.

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Shalom, Jerry Golden

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