Information for Ministry Supporters!

As things move forward in our troubled world many things are being put into place to set the stage for a New World Order. One of the first things “they” must do is have control of your movement and be able to know what you are doing or not doing. The best way for “them” to accomplish that is by controlling your money and your ability to do as you please with it.

For anyone with an American Passport living out side the US must sign a statement at whatever bank they are doing business with in the country they now live in that they agree to allow the IRS access their account without their approval any time they so please.

The banks in Israel and Cyprus (these I know well) will not accept a money transfer from a US Bank in access of $9,000 some times even less without a written contract between the sender and the person receiving the gift. They will and must know why it is being sent, what the receiver is gong to do with it and when.

This week we found out that now the banks will not accept any Money Orders of any kind. We tried to deposit them in our bank in Israel and they refused as did the Cyprus bank. No explanation given just NO Way new orders.

At this time there is still three ways to send money in support of this or any other ministry. Personal Checks or Bank Checks,and Bank Transfers less than $9,000 for some reason that door has not been closed as of this date. Another way is cash but if you send cash do it with the largest bills possible in order not to become suspicious. As far as we know we have never lost a cash donation in the mail. At this time we can cash a personal check of any size without any problem and that has been and still remains the best way to support this ministry, it is also the less expensive way as the cost is only 1.5%. No one knows how long that door will be open to help us in this Ministry, but God knows we are in great need at this time.

The above coupled with the decline of the buying power of the dollar and it on the verge of total collapse I ask you to pray about your part in this Ministry, so much depends or our ability to be ready to save them.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden

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