Is it Prophecy, You be the Judge.

Jan. 25 -2017 There is something very important in my spirit and mind that must be shared at this time. The past couple of weeks I have been silent because of the seriousness of this information. I’ve been unable to think of anything but what I believe to be a responsibility not wanted and wishing it was not on me to share. Never considering myself a prophet but knowing there is a difference between a prophecy, prophesying, and the office of a prophet. With that said I could go into a very long teaching, but I will just direct you to a free download on my site Click Here to a book I wrote titled “Gifts of the Spirit through the Tabernacle”. I’ve wondered many times why should I send this out to the supporters of the ministry, what is to be gained by it, or what good will it do anyone? How does it work into our calling to save Jewish lives? The answer came to me in a very simple way, “because I have to, or be found disobedient”.

Two weeks ago I was sitting in my office thinking about Joel being on the boat manning the ropes with very bad weather threatening to do a lot of damage to the boat, praying for God’s protection over him and the boat. It was somewhere along that time that I began to hear that voice I know so well somewhere deep in my spirit that seemed to lead me into a place that only God can bring you knowing it was not time for me to speak but to be quiet, very quiet. Now looking back on it, it would have not been possible to speak even if I had wanted to.

What I heard!

You be the Judge.

There was no vision were I could see things happening. I didn’t feel swept away. I was just made to sit and be quiet and listen. Later I tried to write down the things I could remember. However, for two weeks I’ve read and reread them not wanting to share them for mixed reasons but never doubting I heard from God or someone representing Him. I say that because the voice sounded like one I heard back in 1973 on a snowy mountain in Tennessee. You can read of that encounter by Clicking Here.

Also, each time I read it I knew I could not change anything if I didn’t like or agree with it.

There was a feeling of warmth and peace flooding my entire body and the voice seemed to reverberate inside of me. He began by saying; “Truth is only found in my Word. The lies of men have deceived many and many come claiming to know My truth but lies flow from their lips to lead many astray. They don’t know me and soon they will flee from my presence. A great darkness will come upon the world, death will be everywhere. Suffering and pestilences will bring hunger. The sea will rise up and the earth will move mountains and men will find no place to hide. Those who perished in this time will meet their judgment but for those who survived, they will be judged by their faith. Fear will cause many to proclaim they are not of Me. Men will be willing to kill for a small piece of bread and those who know me not will lose their minds, being like wild animals. For those who keep the faith and show love for each other will find I have not forsaken them.

“There are today men and women being filled with My Spirit and are preaching truth. They have been given the knowledge to reach the world with my Word. Many will be moved supernaturally into places to proclaim my love and salvation. The blindness of my precious Jewish people will have the blindness lifted from their eyes. Judgment will fall on the houses of Judah and Israel and a shaking and cleansing will bring them to repentance filling them with Love, Joy and My Glory. Many will come to Me and many will fall away from the faith damning their souls to eternal fire. Messiah Yeshua will gather those whom He knows unto himself”.

The End

Over the past couple weeks I have thought of not sending this out, and when I’d sit down to write an article my mind would go blank. Then this Word would come to me again, and again. I’d read it and think of changing some things but each time I knew I could not. Now I know if I don’t send it out I am stuck in this place unable to move forward.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.

Pray for this ministry and your part in it. We really need your support at this time, so much depends on it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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