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Islam and Europe

This may shock you, but what is coming to US Cities will soon look like this, places like Deerborn Mi. and Detroit, and many others. Jews Throughout Europe are getting very nervous and slowly coming to the realization that they only have one safe place in the future, that is where God wants them to be, ISRAEL. Today they can still get on a plane and get here, but that door is closing very fast and then it will be only the few who can be rescued by boats. God help us, God help those who You’d have read this know their part in this Ministry.

I don’t know who to give credit for these pictures it came to me with no credits.

SCARY – Do you know which city this is? Have a Guess!!!!

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IT IS MARSEILLE, France’s second largest city!

And do you know what is the second language spoken in Marseille?

Well, yes: the French.

The first is Arabic.

Gaddafi said in a speech that there was no need to invade Europe, because in 20 years Europe would be Muslim.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden



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