Islamist like These States.


From a combination of emails and Fox News a lot of praying and a very suspicious character to start with I’ve been noticing something about the locations of Islamic populations in the northern United States.  What got my attention is these folks are desert dwellers not cold weather people. Then why do so many of them move to these cold weather states, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, New York and Pennsylvania?  That’s not to say that Islamic terrorists haven’t moved in all the 50 states.  But it seems the real militant ones are moving into these states.

It is also important to acknowledge all Muslims are not terrorists at the same time acknowledging that over 90% of all terrorists are Muslims and want to kill you.  And they all worship the same Koran the most evil book on this planet and those who truly follow it are your enemy plain and simple they want to kill you.  Don’t let CNN or any of the others fill your head with their insanity.

Back to the subject of this report; why are the more extreme Islamic Terrorists moving into the above listed states along the shores of the Great Lakes?  There is one thing we can be certain of. They have a plan and wouldn’t be moving people into these places if they didn’t have a plan.  One thing we have learnt about Islamists is that they have patience and plan for the long term and America is in their sights and their finger is on the trigger.  Many of these towns in that area like Dearborn Michigan now have Sharia law, if you are a Jew or Christian you don’t want to go there without a lot of heavy protection. Even then you’d be crazy going there unless you are sure God is sending you to be a martyr


The Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean are connected by the St. Lawrence Seaway. The Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway form the largest surface water system on the planet.  But what might be more important is the Islamist has enough control on the northern border of the US with available open shipping coming from the Atlantic. Well I could write a very long report on the advantages that would give them in a time of civil war or any war for that matter.  Keeping in mind these people have only one thing on their minds the total destruction of the United States, and I believe their gathering by the hundreds of thousands on the shores of the Great Lakes is in their Master long term plans.  To add a little more possibility to that thought, when we look on the other side of the Great Lakes on the Canadian side we see the same thing. It seems they want complete control on both sides of the Great Lakes.  I can’t be the only one seeing this happening.


I think what troubles me more than anything is that there is no doubt that the US Government could have done something to stop this takeover by Muslims in these states. Now the Liberals (Democrats) in Congress have passed so many politically correct type of laws during the Obama admin that now it is very doubtful that the United States will ever be able to recover completely. It looks like from this distance that the US is doomed at least in certain parts of the country and it’s just a matter of time before there will be a civil war between races and Islamic terrorists.  The few sane places left in the southern and central parts of the country will have to find a way to separate them in order to survive as a Christian nation.  The “Christians” will have to get out of their comfortable pews and really be Christians because being lukewarm won’t get you to heaven anyway.  Hundreds of thousands of believers have been slaughtered by Muslims over the past few years without a whisper from any of the multi million dollar churches. For true Believers not to condemn the acts of these Muslims shows their lack of love for the brethren and that is sin, it’s an insult to the title “Christian” and they can be sure what goes around comes around.  God will not be mocked.


Many will not like this but I’m used to that. I haven’t been called to preach today’s popular easy believism gospel.


I’ll close this article by saying there is a lot I needed to be saying to you about what’s happening in Israel and the Middle East and this ministry, so I’ll say this; we are really hurting, and without your help only God knows what will happen to us.


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.


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Shalom, Jerry Golden

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