Israel Has Changed a Lot.




You are receiving this report because you are a person who cares and understands the importance of supporting Israel and the Jewish people.  It’s no secret to either of us that the Devil feels his only chance to prolong his reign on planet earth is to destroy the Jews making end time prophecy impossible to bring about his demise.


As the time draws nearer to the end it has become more obvious that he not only wants to destroy Israel and the Jews but Christians as well.  The Devil knows the Bible better than most and he knows that in the end time a new covenant will be made (Jer.31:31) with the Jews that will prepare them to receive Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah.


I want to give you an example of the contrast between anti-Christian activity in Israel in 1980 and how it is today 2020.  Over the generation span of 40 years many things have changed with the Israelis attitude towards Christianity.


Connie and I first came to Israel in 1977 but it was 1979 when we made Aliyah (citizenship for Jews) our youngest daughter was 6 years old and in the first grade, her Hebrew was nearly non-existent and she stood out  among the other Israeli kids in the school.  In the very first week of school she came home with tears in her eyes and her clothes torn.  She told us the other kids spit on her and made fun of her.  As a 6 year old she couldn’t understand why this was happening to her.  I remembered that I was so upset looking at her that I couldn’t hold back tears (and I am not a crier) After an investigation I found out that an anti-Christian group of Jews sent out a flyer in our neighborhood saying that she was in that school and her parents were missionaries and had come to Israel to spiritually molest their children.  We had never had a ministry to children and the next day I went to school with her and told the Principal that I am holding him responsible for the welfare of my daughter.  I left that school that day very upset to say the least, my daughter welfare was on the line and there seems to be little if anything I could do about it at that moment.  I noticed after a few days she came home smiling as if nothing had ever happened, I went to the school the next day and got there during the play yard (recess) I couldn’t believe my eyes all the kids in the yard were playing and she seems to be the leader, God had answered our prayers and gave her favor with not only the other kids but the teachers as well.  It was also a tremendous spiritual breakthrough for me, in the flesh I wanted to pay a visit to the fathers of the kids who hit and spit on my daughter but God spoke to me telling me to trust her and to trust Him as well, I did, thank God.


Today things are not the same, we live in a Moshav in the Judean Hills and Joel and Ola now have two beautiful kids that I try very hard to spoil.  They have had no problems with anti-Christian groups and the kids are doing great, beautiful well adjusted intelligent and just plain beautiful.  Of course I am not prejudice.


We have been living in this Moshav for 15 years, never had a problem and as far as we know we are totally accepted as part of the Moshav and we love it here.  So you can see the contrast from the early 80’s and today’s attitudes of Israelis toward Believers.  Netanyahu says often that Israel has no better friends than the Evangelical Christians.  It appears to me that the Ruach Ha Koddesh (Holy Spirit) is slowing preparing the minds of the Jews of Israel to accept His Coming.




A little about this Moshav it is about an hours drive from Jerusalem and our main reason for moving here 15 years ago was finances it was so much cheaper than living in Jerusalem giving us a small yard and place for a small garden.  In all the years of ministry to my precious Jewish people we have never bought a home and have always rented, the reason being the support that came in was needed for ministry and it seemed to never be enough for a down payment of a apartment or home.  That is now becoming a real reason for concern for us, as I am 80 and Connie is 72 we have no retirement or pension and no home to call our own.  But we lay that concern at the feet of our Messiah He knows who we are and what we are and we trust and love Him.


So much has happened during these past 40 years, a stack of books could be written about the miracles we have witnessed alone.  My major concern is the successful operations of this Ministry to save European Jews.  Connie and I have lived on faith in God’s ability to put food on the table and a place to live and there is no reason other than mental worry (not of God) but I am human.  However, as a man who loves his wife and family it comes to mind that I am not the provider they all deserve.


We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in preparing boats and travel, contacting the right people in Europe and setting up emergency ways of communications, safe houses and safe routs have been planned and many need to be revisited and soon.  The evil one I just spoke of is also very concerned about the activities of this Ministry and stays very busy trying to destroy our efforts mainly discouraging Believers not to support in any possible way he can.


Connie and I are not overly concerned about not having any retirement or owning our home or at times struggling just to survive for we know where our home really is as well as our citizenship.  But we are very concerned over the Believers for whatever their reasons have been for holding back on support.  For our ability to rescue European Jews from the coming Holocaust depends on the other members of this Body that God has placed together they also have a lot at stake Gen 12:3.


Our son Joel now married with two kids he left high school and went straight into the IDF and became a Special Forces Commander for the past 20 years.  He is now in the position to give more time to the Ministry, He loves Yeshua and God has given him much favor no man could possibly be prouder of his son than I am of Joel.  He loves God, family and Israel.  He is also a Yacht Master with a long list of capabilities he is certainly someone you’d want in you corner when thing get rough.  In fact, the thought of going into a war zone to rescue Jews without him would certainly change things for us.  He knows more about the boats than I do and keeps them in good operating condition.  If you were one waiting for a boat to bring you to Israel you couldn’t be in better hands than with Joel.


I want to ask you to pray for Joel and his family they need to find a larger place to live the kids need their own bed rooms.  Also Joel has seen a lot of war and needs your prayer.


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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, jerry golden

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