It is Do or Die!

It is Do or Die!

October 2019

The time has come in this ministry to face a reality; that being our ability to rescue European Jews in the very near future as they will have no other way to make it out of Europe and to Israel other than by boats. For the past few years we have spent many hours establishing contacts and communications with Rabbis and with Jewish Leaders in their communities.  We have been able to buy boats capable of transporting them from Cyprus, Turkey and the Greek Islands to Israel but have never been able to raise enough finances to purchase the larger boat making it possible to reach much further out into the European coastline and dramatically increase the amount of people we can rescue.  We have done everything we can to let it be known to the right people in the right places where we would be able to pick them up and how to stay in communication with us when cell phones no longer work.

The enthusiasm I witnessed at the beginning of this ministry was very high, thousands have witnessed God’s calling upon it.  Keeping in mind that God has never made a mistake and His calling on this ministry has not changed.  What has changed are the efforts the Devil has been putting out to stop us from saving Jewish lives.  He knows without the support from the ones God has sent to this ministry we would be totally unable to function as a Jewish rescue ministry.  The Devil also knows that our greatest witness of the Jewish Messiah Yeshua is our efforts to save their lives in a time a great need, as messianic Jews to show our love and support for our Jewish brothers and sisters.

Support has dropped very low over the past year causing us to struggle trying to stay active and making it impossible for us to do the necessary traveling to keep everything current with contacts and communications.

What will kick everything off will be the coming war, as it will also boost anti-Semitism in Europe and around the world to increase to the point of another holocaust .  That war is knocking at the door and everyone involved knows it will now begin at any moment.  That it will be the most terrible war ever experienced in Israel. Many will die, but we also know it will not last long as Israel can’t fight a long war.  When the dust settles European Jews will be running and hiding looking for a way to make it to one of our boats or for some way to escape those who are doing the Devil’s bidding.

The thought of us not being able to save some is something that gives me nightmares.  We just had to take the sailing boat out of the water for repairs and bottom paint and it took all we had to get it done, leaving us in a situation of not being able to pay our basic living expenses. In a nutshell we are really hurting.  I’m asking you to pray, really pray about your part in this ministry, that God will give you a clear vision of the importance of this ministry.

Since the day we were married 46 years ago Connie and I have been in a faith ministry. We are now getting older, we have never bought a home and have no retirement or savings as we have always put everything into the ministry depending on God to meet our needs and He has never failed us and He never will. I wish I could say the same thing about us never failing Him and we certainly have tried very hard not to fail Him.

If you’re still reading I want you to pray about your support.  We are in great need of an increase in support, and very soon.  If you know of others who love Israel and the Jewish people ask them to join us.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

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Shalom, Jerry Golden

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