It Would Not Be Possible Without God

There have been times when I sit and think of how it could be possible that we are planning to save Jewish lives – just who do we think we are? The answer always comes with a trembling inside my soul and my spirit that seems so pitifully inadequate. For it is then that comes the realization that I am actually speaking to that still small voice we know to be God. And a terrible fear comes over me not knowing how to answer that question without sounding prideful or self-serving. For I know there is no way we will ever be successful lest God be with us, and for us, and way ahead of us. For years I’ve seen miracle after miracle as we travel – putting together a loose organization to assist and provide for the coming European Holocaust.

Sometimes days pass without writing a report to the supporters of this ministry. Yet I know that it is necessary to stay in touch with those God has called to be a part of it. There is a struggle going on inside of me. A struggle that is peeling off spiritual pride, as all those heading up ministries must experience – not just once – but continually. For any man or woman to think they could do what we have been called to do on their own would be far worse than spiritual pride. It would be to deny the very presence of God and His precious Holy Spirit.

What I am trying to say is that I am sorry for not being more faithful in writing. For I know this is not a one-man show but a “Body” ministry and without your support there would be no boats, no contacts, or arrangements for communications and provisions.

Sometimes it is so overwhelming. Financial pressure never seem to let up, and as we look forward it is obvious that even more – in fact far more – finances will be needed in the very near future. But to allow that to hinder me in moving forward would be a lack of faith in God who makes it all possible. So I am asking not only God to forgive me for my lack of faith at times but I am asking you to forgive me as well.

Everyone is saying that the war will begin soon. That Iran will give the order for Assad and Hezbollah, along with Hamas, too open up on Israel from all directions. We know that when commercial flights will no longer be coming into or out of our only International airport – we will be called into action to save Jewish lives. With all the destructive military power in place this war can’t last very long. Yet we also know Israel will still be here and Jews will have no other place to run to for safety. The pressure I speak of is monetary. For at this time we are hurting financially. The boats, and assistance we have ready to go, all take a lot of money. I pray daily that God will show you and others how great this need really is, and how important it is to Him. Gen. 12:3….

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel who has just been called into active service, and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, jerry golden


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