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Just another day in Israel



I woke this morning to hear (my wife) Connie calmly tell me while drinking a cup of coffee with no real concern or fear the in her voice “Palestinians” in Gaza fired some rockets at Tel-Aviv last night (March 14-2019)  I replied did the IDF shut them down with the Iron Done?   She said yes with no emotion as if it happens daily, and it almost does. In Tel-Aviv the sirens sounded and then they heard the explosions in the sky above them.  The conversation was over and our day began with no problem.


We heard on the news later in the day that the IDF once again bombed a bunch of empty buildings, and Hamas said the missiles were fired by mistake.  Can you imagine what would happen if Russia fired a couple missiles at New York City and Russia says oops it was a mistake.  But this is Israel and this kind of thing happens regularly.


In the last war with Gaza a missile was shot down over Herzilya and a fragment of the missile hit the windshields on one of our boats in the marina that had to be replaced.  The sirens would sound at our home and we’d go outside and watch the Iron Dome intercept the missiles right over our heads with a loud boom.  A neighborhood near us had a direct hit luckily landed in an open field, thank God.


To the average Israeli all the above is troubling but they refuse to allow it to stop them from their daily activities and if you talk to them about it you will see in their calmness  they are not afraid of anything coming out of Gaza, they just don’t understand the Government’s unwillingness to put a complete stop to Hamas and they know it could be done quickly if they were not so intimidated by world opinion, because a lot of civilians would be killed, but if I am not mistaking isn’t that what the “Palestinians” are trying to do now kill Israeli civilians.


If you ask them about the Islamic Forces building up on our northern border and all the Iranian missiles pointed at them, then you will discover another side of the Israeli, they are scared for they are reading in the Newspapers that our Generals are telling them to be prepared for many will die in this next war.  To have a safe place to hide and to have the necessary foods, water and medical supplies on hand.  Most Israelis live in cities with high-rise apartments, some have reinforced safe-rooms but most do not.  We live on a Moshav south west of Jerusalem and we do not have a safe room but we have a safe place in Yeshua.  That is not to say he didn’t give us a brain and we should be thinking more about a safe place, for it rains on the just and the unjust alike. And that safe place in Yeshua is called eternity.


We (the Goldens) are more concerned about saving European Jewish lives, in the very near future and in the spirit I know His protection will be over this ministry in our efforts to rescue as many Jews as possible.


I believe every Believer reading this knows as I do that this war will be like none other, it may start here in Israel and the Middle East but it will quickly spread first to the USA and then the rest of the world.  I’ll just allow your own imagination too show you the horrors it will bring to mankind.


There is also no doubt in my mind we will soon lose emails and all other ways to communicate and it will matter little because survival will be mostly on our minds.  Incase I haven’t made it clear, our world is about to completely change.


China and Russia hate Trump even more than the evil Democrats do.  And if you do a research you will find reports that Russia has subs off both of America’s coast 24/7 and they are armed with nukes.  China has invested trillions into their navy and they are all around the US as well.  Both China and Russia support Iran and North Korea and when this war begins they will all be working together too destroy both Israel and America.


If you’re a Jew and you have been making all sorts of excuses why you don’t need or want to come home to Israel I want to tell you there all self serving reasons.  If you’re really a Jew you will feel compelled to move to Israel and now.  As for the coming war here in Israel, we will survive and when the dust settles Israel will be the only place on this planet where a Jew can live in peace.


If you’re a supporter of this ministry it is now time to fast and pray and ask God what would He have you do.  We are at a stand still with two boats and thousands of hours of planning and preparing.


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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, jerry golden

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