It’s Happening and Plain Talk


It’s Happening and Plain Talk.

We all have heard that history repeats itself. Looking back to 1973 a time when America was engulfed in Whitewater and the Nixon impeachment, Israel was fighting the hardest war since 1948 and the United States was so involved with the impeachment of Nixon and the oil embargo they weren’t able or willing to help their friend Israel who was under attack by all of it’s Islamic Muslim neighbors. It was the Yom Kippur War and Israel nearly lost that war.


Today we have a similar story developing; this time far more is at stake for both the US, Israel, and the world. Not only is their freedom, but their very existence is at stake.  This time it’s going to get far more violent and deadly.


They are calling it a revolution but unlike the revolution of 1776 this one is not to build the United Sates of America it is to destroy the United States of America.  But I will go one step further.  It is to stop President Trump and turn the 2016 election around.  Because of  God lifting Trump up at a certain time has caused the evil to come against him in any and every way possible and so far nothing has stopped him and he is about to win the November election so they feel there is no choice but to put their evil plans into full development.  And like all the false charges they have tried to develop against Trump it is from what we are calling the Deep State.  But that Deep State is not just something located in the United States it is global and called the New World Order but has a few other names as well.


In many of my past reports I’ve stated that China, Russia, Iran and North Korea among others like the Islamic power in Britain and Germany who have been taken over by Islam there is no future place for the United States of America in their New World Order.  The fact is now is the time to draw very close to God in your relationship with Him through the blood of Yeshua, and prepare to give your family a fighting chance instead of digging in trash-cans for food.  It is not as if God is not giving you fair warning.


Islam and Communism are tools of the New World Order. They can be taken care of later but for now it is the United States and Israel that they feel must be removed from reality in order to bring this world into submission to golbalism and satanic control.  And like we keep hearing from billionaire Bill Gates the population of the world much be controlled and that means depopulation and soon.


Unaware, some of the black population of America is being used as pawns in this world chess game controlled by the New World Order to accomplish their take over of the world and having a one world government.  I hope everyone knows that the large majority of Blacks in the US are good productive citizens and they know what’s happening but feel helpless to do anything to stop it and what’s worse they feel trapped in a soon coming race war that they want no part of.


God has given not only the United States this last chance to come to Him but the whole world.  For if or when the United States falls so do God loving and freedom loving people everywhere.  It will truly be Satan’s world with no bars held in evil and total chaos globally.  With the global food baskets being replenished with floods, droughts, wars and famine and pestilence war reigns supreme everywhere.  Survival will be the main thing on everyone’s mind, hunger and seeing your kids go without food and you’re unable to protect them from the gangs who come to kill you and take what you may have, makes it easy to join in the fight for food and survival.


Sure, I know this is a terrible report for me to write, and there is no gain for this ministry for saying these things, for when it comes down to it we will no longer have this media or any other to be in contact.  It will be you and God and your faith in His ability to keep you sane before bringing you home.


As one called by God to save Jewish lives and souls knowing God’s Word on the matter it will be those who understand the importance of Israel in the last days and God knows our every thought and motive.  God has given a few of us the ability to bless Him by blessing His Land set aside for the world to see His love for His Word and to keep it Holy.


I am beginning to have more correspondence from Rabbis and others wanting to know if we will be there for them as planned.  My answer today to that question is I don’t know we are having the hardest financial times in over 20 years.  Our main sailing boat needs new stainless steel rigging and can’t be trusted to go to sea without it being done.  The cost of that is $12k and that is the cheapest way possible we have found to get it done some want as much as double that.


Our provisions are wanting as well, and our need to travel keeping in touch with the right people and the emergency communications established is in need to assure all involved they are not risking their lives for no reason.  Shore pickup places change and must be reestablished and it must be done soon and I simply can’t without the needed finances.


Joel has been very concerned that when we bring them home to Israel there will be chaos in the land as Israel will be rebuilding and trying to take care of its people, and they will need food at least.  We have looked into several farming possibly but know we no longer have time for that and now it is a matter of storing food.


There is so much for us to do and it is now or never and our only resources are the believers God has brought together to this ministry, because our finances have fallen on hard times many have stopped supporting because they have been trained to understand that success for them is prosperity, the Devil likes it when they think that way.


There are many ministries that raise hundreds of millions of dollars every week, they build monuments to themselves and vacation homes all around the world, and far too many believers have been taught that they are successful because of their prosperity,  hell awaits them.


If I sound emotional it is because it’s true, both physically and emotionally over what I see coming right at us.  Israel is about to be attacked on three fronts and the United States is burning, so I know most believers reading this don’t have time to be concerned with this ministry but the ones who have spiritual ears to hear know the importance’s of bringing the Jews home.  God called us to assist in their return to His land for reasons of end time prophecy.

In prayer today I heard these Words from God, “I know, be faithful”


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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers, pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, Jerry Golden

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