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It’s Not Immigration, It’s Migration!

European Countries don’t have an immigration problem they have a migration problem. Muslims by the thousands and even millions are now migrating into Europe. In the beginning Europe was founded on Christian principals much like the US. Over the past 50+ years European Christianity is nearly non-existent. With European doors being swung wide open for Muslims who for the most part are not peaceful. They have only one desire and that is to conquer the world with Sharia Law.

This means as with Syria, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim Countries Christians and Jews will not be welcome and they will be forced to either convert or die. Obama has the same plans for the US and like the liar and deceiver he is that is being done right before the eyes of the American people and Congress seems to be helpless to stop the Devil.

In the meantime Christians around the world are being murdered and beheaded, even the small heads of small Christian Children are placed on stakes around cities in Syria to terrorize the Christian population. It seems that Christians and Jews are even afraid to talk about it or too ashamed to act like they know it is happening. They find it easier to talk about “Black Lives Matter” or their economy, both by the way are in terrible condition but pale in comparison to the beheading of Christians in the Arab world.

Jews in France, Germany, Greece and many other countries thought it was bad a few months ago – but with the mass migration of Muslims they now know they have to leave. As in the 30’s and 40’s many for one reason or the other will not get out in time and they will only have one way to get out and that will be by boats. God has shown me this years ago, and for years I’ve been doing all I possibly can to prepare for this rescue mission. One of our two 60-foot boats goes back in the water tomorrow with a new seaworthiness certificate and ready for action. The other sits in an Israeli Marina in Ashkelon and has to be moved because we are Israeli citizens therefore must pay Israeli taxes on the boat- that added to the fact that we no longer can afford the mooring fees in Israel (the highest in the Med). Both of these boats are ready for ocean crossings and we are trying to make sure they are fueled up and ready to go as we believe the time is very near. The larger boat is needed and now is the time to find one in Turkey as tourist season numbers way down and many will be for sale at prices to cut the owners losses as they are expensive to keep. What I am talking about is not a boat, and not about money, I am talking about Jewish lives that have no limit to their value in God’s eyes. Gen. 12:3…

Joel has been talking to me about setting up a food truck service to help feed hungry children here in Israel. Our Israeli newspapers are telling us that one in four go to bed hungry every night. I didn’t believe it at first but I have since found out it is true and the statistics may be even worse than that. Joel tells me he is having dreams about it and asking me what we can do. That feeding hungry children is also saving Jewish lives. So you see we have much to pray about and other than prayer all I can do is speak to the Body of Believers in Yeshua that God has placed with this ministry.

As for America, I keep hearing how Donald Trump can make America great again. That is a lie, Only God can make America great again, and for the most part God has turned His back on America and today you have a Muslim sitting in the white house who only has plans to destroy America.

People write me asking how much time we have as if I had a spiritual calendar or some inside information. I don’t know, but one thing is certain NOT MUCH. Now is the time to prepare for your family and if you are not you must be crazy.

It is the time to bless Israel and to bless God. This ministry needs your financial help and needs it now. But there are others in Israel you can help as well. The important thing for you is to pray and follow the Ruach Hakodesh’s (Holy Spirit) leading. For without God’s blessing in the coming days you don’t have a chance.

Pray for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers, pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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