It’s Plain To See!


With the liberal governments in place throughout Europe there has been an open door for Islamic terrorists to move in and destroy their culture and way of life in general. Sweden’s liberal government has brought about the mass rape of their women as it has in Germany making one wonder what has happened to the men in those countries. The Netherlands where many thousands of Jews once lived is now void of any Jewish population to speak of. Christian women are being forced to wear head scarves in submission to Islamic law in hopes of not being singled out by the groups of Muslim men who stand around in the cities watching for women to come by in the shopping places.


There is a lesson for the US and others to learn from the above. What opens the door for this evil to come into your cities and countries can be summed up with two words “Liberal Governments”. I’ve tried to understand how so many are so blind to this fact, but have failed to come to any other understanding other than it is an evil spirit that has possessed them causing them to want to commit their own suicide. This evil always begins with the denial of God and the materialistic values that cause one to look constantly inward for self, denying the spirit thirst inside us all ,that only the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob can satisfy.


I know there are millions of believers who want to do something but just can’t figure out what they could possibly do and their pastor stands before them every Sunday preaching the same salvation message to the same people for the past decade singing the same songs and passing the donation plate and somehow they have convinced themselves that this is Christianity. This world is full of lost souls – Jews and Gentiles – and the chance of any of them walking into their Church is near zero.


But none of this is a surprise to God for He has told us in His Love Letter to us – the “Bible” (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.) That all this would happen in the end of days and we are witnessing the fulfillment of His prophecies every day.


God also gave us a sign that could not be missed. He promised to bring His People (the Jews) back to the land He promised them. After being scattered throughout the world for thousands of years persecuted and facing constant genocide, not allowed to practice their religion or to even speak in Hebrew. God gave us this great miracle of bringing Jews back to the land of Israel even reestablishing the Hebrew Language.

For the past 69 years we have seen Israel prosper with all the evil of the world coming against her, war after war and the UN doing all it can to destroy Israel, but God has His hands on His land and His people.


God is not finished bringing His people, the Jews, home. Many are today under constant attack, their homes and synagogues and places of businesses are being destroyed. Many have already left France, Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden. Today there are few Jews left in any of the Scandinavian countries. Even in the United States we are seeing a rise in anti-Semitism like never before and the day is near for the Jews in the US to be running for their lives. I pray that God will raise up men and women to bring Jews home to Israel. There is no doubt in my mind He is speaking into the hearts of many at this time, if you are one of them listen very carefully.


Here in the Middle East we are seeing the war in Iraq and Syria slow down and that leaves Hezbollah, Syria and Iran sitting there with all those missiles and tanks and artillery with only one common enemy; Israel. Already we are seeing the Israeli Air Force hit military supply depots in and around Damascus on a regular basis because Israel is well aware of what is happening and about to happen. It is well known that Hezbollah has two main targets. Right off are the International airport in Tel Aviv and the Dimona nuclear plant. But they are also boosting the number of their weapons – and are known to have up to 100,000 missiles and rockets that can reach every inch of Israel. That by the way is not to say Israel is unprepared and they have to know it will be suicide for them to attack but we are talking about Muslims who feel it there religious duty to bring the (12th Imam) for the end of days, and they believe that Israel must be destroyed before he will come.


As you know Damascus will be destroyed. It is half destroyed already but Israel will finish the job. Lebanon which is now controlled by Hezbollah will be levelled much like Syria, and Iran will send most of its missiles at Israel but many at Saudi Arabia as well. Israel will take care of Iran once and for all. And like they say in this part of the world ‘voila’ problem solved. This is a very simple picture. It is of course much more complicated than that, but it will look a lot like that.


We are, and have been told by the Israeli Government to prepare ourselves, stock up food and water and to be sure to have a safe place to hide. And our Generals are telling us that this will be the worst war Israel has ever seen and many will die but we will win.

One thing is certain; nothing will change with God and His promises, the Jews will come home to Israel. God said He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel Gen. 12:3. If you are still living with some kind of replacement theology there is still time for you to wake up.


God has made it very clear to me and others that the need to have our boats ready and in place is now. Finances for moorings, needed fuel, provisions, many logistics and provisions, communications must be finalized and there are many contacts to re-establish.


When the war begins the Muslims in Europe and those who are controlled by the Devil will begin another Holocaust. There will be only one way for the Jews, and this time the Christians as well, to escape and then there will be only one place for them to run to and that is by boat and to Israel. With the two 60-foot boats we now have we will be very limited to how many we can take aboard but we will do what we can as quickly as we can. Much work has already gone into preparations and we have spent many days travelling and making arrangements for communications and contacts.


Daily I pray for a larger boat, and there are many up for sale in Turkey for less than half their market price because of the bad economy but the finances are just not there to make a deal with any of the owners. But for now we must be prepared with provisions and all the necessary logistics to go into operations very soon.


It’s time for me to ask you to pray about your part in this ministry. My obedience is no more important than yours, God knows what each of us can do.


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, Jerry Golden

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