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It’s Time to Fight

July 24 – 2017
Here in Israel we are being faced with the very real possibility of a 3rd Intifada, or even worse, as the Muslim world is threatening Israel with all-out war. We live in a Moshav in the Judean Hills and tonight many will be locking their doors in fear of Palestinians wanting to break into our homes with their knives and guns to kills us. They tell us that this hatred started in 1948 but that isn’t true. It started with the birth of Islam. It’s the Devil’s religion to kill the Jews and the Christians in the end of days. And with the plain evidence before our eyes our government leaders around the world seem to be blind to it. It can only be spiritual.

It wasn’t long ago when Palestinians broke into a Jewish home and killed a mother and her children while she was reading bedtime stories to them. Now we see them do the same thing this time while they are sitting around the Friday night Shabbat meal.

If Israel moves the metal detectors off the Temple Mount after this it will indicate total surrender and if Israel doesn’t take over completely the Temple Mount now then it will never happen. Jordan and the Palestinians must know only Israel has sovereignty over the most Holy Place in the Jewish World. It’s time to build the Temple.

The IDF finally reveals what it is doing on the Syrian Border [GRAPHIC WARNING]

Could you imagine living in a basement with no food or water and no hope as a small child, terrified to the point that your mind was unable to think clearly. With the adults around you hungry, dirty and feeling hopeless to help you. I can’t imagine that but somehow I cry out every day “Oh Lord help them, even give me a way to help them, somehow let them know there are many of us who care and would do anything to save them, but feel so helpless and so small in the face of the possibility of being able to come to them with help”.

I’m speaking of the children in Syria where over half a million have been murdered by Islamic terrorists and the super powers bombing them as well.

The world doesn’t know, and possibly doesn’t want to know, what the IDF has been doing on our northern borders with Syria for years. They have built makeshift hospitals and they take in hundreds of wounded Syrian civilians. I want you to watch this Video below and pray for the innocent children and even for those who know Israel is not their enemy and they come when they can with shells raining down on them. They come to the gates and ask Israel for help. They are never turned down.

While you’re praying please pray for our son Joel and his crew for they have been called into action and are somewhere in the battle as you read this. He is not able to tell us where he goes but he did tell me that he thinks he will be gone for more than a week. Nothing has ever improved my prayer life more than when Joel is called back into the IDF for these operations.

Watch this Video please. . http://www.israelvideonetwork.com/the-idf-finally-reveals-what-it-is-doing-on-the-syrian-border-graphic-warning/?omhide=true

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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