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After much prayer we now know God is telling us to reorganize and organize others with boats here in Israel and around the Eastern Mediterranean with the intelligence we have accumulated over the years with Rabbis and Believers in a position to assist us, so they can join us in the rescue of European Jews.  They have boats but do not have the necessary connections and co-ordinates to join in rescuing them, and the necessary information with emergency communications.   All this knowledge we have acquired does not have to go to waste.  I pray the Devil never realizes that victory.


A lot of money has been spent accumulating all this knowledge and provisions but if we have to fold up and leave Israel after nearly 40 years It will have all been for nothing and we have no idea where Connie and I would go.  For the past 48 years Connie and I have not purchased a home in Israel we have no savings we have given it all to God’s calling on our lives so now we know that we are in His hands.  So it is not Connie and I that I am worried about, we know we are in good hands.  It’s the thought of failing a mission always thinking we could have done more.  But emphasis is on “we” the Body God joined together, not just Connie and I.


It seems Satan has already had a victory in the minds of some past supporters but my faith in God and His guidance that this is not over and we will not only rescue many European Jews, but we will begin to feed many poverty stricken Jews in Israel now and be able to feed or at least help feed the ones we rescue for it will be in a time of war or shortly thereafter.  And I’m talking with a bank balance of close to “0”.


If you are still in a position to bless Israel in the last days please pray about blessing Israel Gen. 12:3  And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. God never lies.


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Shalom, jerry golden

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