Jewish Children

Jewish Children


Israel Going to Bed Hungry

Aug. 8 – 2021


My son Joel said dad how can we bring more Jews to Israel if we aren’t helping to feed those who are here and hungry and when we bring the European Jews to Israel possibly in a time of war then who will be able to?  Years ago the Lord spoke to Connie and me to help feed the children in Israel. We started by going to the poorest neighborhoods in Jerusalem and begin to speak with the social workers in those schools, knowing no one would be in a better position to tell us who really needed help to feed the kids.  Knowing that we did that for a few years but finances had caused us to cut way back on that part of the ministry. Joel begins praying about starting it again but this time in a far more serious and aggressive way allowing that part of the ministry to grow as the Lord supplies.


He traded his car for a used pickup truck in order to begin hauling food to the needed families many of them are not able to make it to one of the food outlets for the poor and it’s not the same as having breakfast at home before going to school.  He has spent as lot of time and energy making arrangements for food connections and boxes to load and has already made contact with some public school social workers beginning in the Jerusalem area and started gathering addresses to visit and begin even if it’s in a small way at first, believing God to bless our efforts.  We want to begin with a few needy families.  His mother and I are 100% with him on this but it is a really large step in faith as it is at a time of serious financial struggles, but it is now obvious the Holy Spirit is speaking to us to move forward and when the boat ministry goes into full operation any day now that both parts of the ministry will work together as a perfect fit also knowing that God is always on time and never late.


His mother and I are very proud of his dedication to God and Israel; he will begin with a small amount of cash with his pickup truck believing God to speak to His people around the world to join in blessing Israel and the Jews.


To support this ministry


His vision is a ministry that will require volunteer Believers to come and assist in the near future.  We have starting to look for the right place to establish a small warehouse to collect and assemble the boxes of non-perishable foods once a month to be delivered to the families.


I want this report to be just one subject, so I will only remind you that the boats have to be ready and the time is closing in on us.


For a closer look at this ministry   CLICK HERE


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for your part in this ministry.


Shalom, jerry golden

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