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Joel’s Dream, To Feed the Hungry.



With so many things happening in the Middle East and the world it doesn’t seem like the time to open a new branch of the ministry. BUT, our son Joel keeps talking about his desire to help feed the hungry children in Israel. We read daily in our local newspapers that one out of every four kids go to bed hungry in Israel. When I first heard those statistics I didn’t believe it. You see, we live on a Moshav in Israel where as far as I know there are very few families you could consider so poor they don’t have food, and we help some of them with food. My travels in Israel are from this Moshav to Jerusalem and to the coast and I don’t see the one out of four hungry kids. But Joel has opened my eyes to see the ones I haven’t been observing and now it seems to me that 1 out of 4 is a conservative number because I have found out it is even worse than that.


Being so consumed by ministry and saving Jewish lives and keeping our eyes on the enemies of Israel who want to kill all of us I simply didn’t see the forest for the trees. As you may know we have helped feed several families for years here in Israel. What we have been doing is to give 1,000 shekels (about $250) each month to help with their food. In all honesty even that has been a real burden for us at times but God gives we are just the funnel. My concern is that it would be far too easy to allow that to overshadow the cause of saving European Jews fleeing from Europe, especially now with the hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees fleeing into Europe and the rapid rise of anti-Semitism, the mass exodus of Jews out of Europe has already begun.


Yesterday Joel and I spent the day together and he told me he was unable to get the hungry Jewish kids out of his mind and he feels he has to do something. I asked him what he thought he could do. He told me about his dream of going to the Israeli farmers and buying the veggies at wholesale, setting up a distribution center where families could come for basic food stuffs, to find school counselors in the poorer neighborhood’s and to find the neediest among them.


My first thought was that the ministry is having a very hard time now trying to get ready for the Jews whose lives may depend on our ability to reach them in time with the boats. Then it occurred to me that after a time of war when we bring Jews to Israel from Europe they too will need food and shelter. As I am sure you know, as I do, it is about faith and our willingness to exercise that faith.


The first thing Joel would need is a truck capable of hauling produce from the Israeli farmers to a place of distribution. At this time there is no way this ministry could buy such a truck and establish such a distribution center. It was then that the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) began to show me something. When we had our first child He didn’t have us wait until it was grown before adding another and another, that it is that way with a ministry controlled by God. That if fear holds you back from reaching out in faith then God is not in control of His vessel, for God does nothing apart from Faith. So it is not a question of there not being enough support coming in to fund an additional branch of the ministry it is a question of trusting God or not trusting God.


You might say with the real possibility of war closing in on us that this is not the time to move into such a ministry, but possibly it is the right time for such an outreach for the situation is almost guaranteed to get much worse in the event of war. And the need for food distribution will be in much greater demand.


Joel is a very smart and capable person and there is no doubt that he could handle this, he also has a couple of his IDF reserve buddies who would like to join in. His unit is called into action a few times a year when their expertise is needed, but for the most part they would be free to work for the ministry. Keeping in mind that he would not be selling anything and most of the food stuff and truck expense would have to be bought. Then Joel, his wife and two kids have to live as well. The wonderful thing about it is that he hasn’t thought of the sacrifice on his part. He has been touched by God to serve his fellow Jews in a time of need as he has for the past 15 years in the IDF. Joel has served, and continues to serve, Israel in a very high capacity but he wants to give more. We are very proud of him and know God has His hands on him for greater things ahead.


So it’s like this ministry having another child, we are still trying to raise the ones we have but God has given us another one. Who are we to say no?


I am sure you know the needs we have in this ministry? I pray that this will not detract from saving Jewish lives but add a new spiritual dimension to this ministry reaching out in Yeshua’s love. Bringing Joel even closer to Yeshua.


We are in prayer asking God to send us the witnesses. It would be very hard for us to use money right now for anything other than the boat ministry. But feeding hungry Jewish kids and then feeding the ones we bring home to Israel may well go together.


Once the truck is purchased and the program is underway, the food could be donated or purchased at a reduced price from farmers and others in Israel with no problem. To begin such a move first the right truck for this would have to be purchased. It would have to be the right size. It would also be necessary to have a place of storage and distribution.  All of this takes cash up front, needless to say cash we just don’t have.


We would not want to collect donations for this part of the ministry until we were relatively certain we could move forward with the purchase of a decent used truck.  The rest would be something we would have to work out one step at a time.


I want to ask you to share this with others and pray with us that this could be done quickly as war is knocking on the door as you read this.


We are also faced with the urgent situation of moving a boat closer to the European coast in order to be where it needs to be at the time it needs to be there. We are in great need of finances to make this move as soon as possible.


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, Jerry Golden

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