Joel’s Getting Married

Many things are happening as things always seems to go into full swing about this time every year, but there are a couple things happening in the spirit that tells me that God is about to do something that will effect all of us in a very big way. Our Gullet (Boat) is now in the water and ready for action, and the motor yacht is in a ready condition as well.

But I must tell you how excited I am about a very personal event about to happen. Our son Joel who has answered the call to duty here in Israel far beyond ways that I am allowed or able to tell you about, is GETTING MARRIED June 14th. We are very proud of Joel, no man has ever had a better son, his mother and I love him very much. God has sent him a wonderful beautiful wife who Connie and I love. She has a large family in Israel while Joel’s consist of his mother and I we are praying about bringing his two sisters to Israel for the wedding, God willing that will happen as it would mean so much to Joel.

As excited as we are about this wedding, I feel the Rauch Hakodesh (Holy Spirit) telling me to keep my eyes and mind on the task at hand for all hell is about to break loose, and we will be very busy under some very difficult circumstances. The need for the larger boat is still very high on our prayer list. But at the moment the finances to cover cost of travel and making arrangements as well as keeping the boats ready to go into action is a very real need. We have been given two satellite phones and are now looking for affordable for air time. They will be very important in the days ahead.

I would love to be able to invite everyone to the wedding but we know that can’t happen, but you can be here in the spirit with Joel and his new bride Ola.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.


jerry golden

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