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July 14-2015 was a very sad day for the world.


Today the world’s largest supporter of terrorism in the world was given a free path to a nuclear weapon and as a bonus given hundreds of billions of dollars to further their support for Hezbollah and Hamas and many other Islamic terrorist organizations. Within hours after the final agreement they were shouting death to Israel and the United States in the streets of Tehran.

Then I heard the world’s most evil man “Obama” tell the world what a wonderful deal he and Kerry and the other 5 world powers had agreed to. He has not only thrown Israel under the bus but the entire non-Muslim world. With Christians around the world being murdered and beheaded, men, women and children, Obama only has time to make sure Iran has a clear path for a nuclear bomb.

He has not only singlehandedly transformed the United States as he promised he would, but has brought disaster to the entire world. If seeing the White House colored in rainbow colors didn’t wake up the part of America that still has any moral fiber, then there is no hope left for any future of the US.

The Churches are still more interested in their 501c3 than preaching the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus). God’s judgment has already begun on the US and in any direction you care to look.

When many denominational Churches refuse to preach the full Gospel and the Power of the Holy Spirit God removes their candlestick and they (Rev 2:5) are without the light to show them the way to a Righteous Holy God, and when the Churches play soulish games in the pretence of being spiritual they too have lost their way and the Devil moves in an entertains.

For those who understand end time prophecy, they know all of this had been prophesied, and they should not be too surprised.
The President of Kenya just warned Obama that on his upcoming visit he cannot preach his homosexual agenda in that country.

As for this deal that has given Iran the right to have nuclear weapons [and make no mistake that is just what happened] and to even make sure the sanctions will be lifted to give the needed finances to support more terrorism, Obama and his many Muslim friends around the world are rejoicing.

All of Europe is now burning with the fire of anti-Semitism and Jews are frightened to be seen with any clothing or object that shows they are Jews. They are leaving with many coming to Israel. Netanyahu has, over and over, told them that “this is your home come to Israel”. Many will wait until it is too late for a commercial plane to bring them home, and that is why God has given us this commission to assist those who we can reach with boats and bring them home. We only have two boats seaworthy enough to go after them, but we do have a few others who have joined us who have boats. However, some of them will need some financial assistance as well. There has never been a time when your support is needed more than today. I am once again asking you to pray, stop even now and pray and ask God what He would have you do to support this ministry. There may still be time for us to purchase a larger boat but we are nowhere close enough with finances to look in that direction. In fact we are hurting for support and needed provisions and fuel.

The families we now assist here in Israel are putting a burden on our finances here in Israel. Our preparations to build up a supply of food and necessities here are also being hindered for lack of finances. When we arrive with boat loads of Jews they will be hungry and need shelter. God knows our needs and He knows who to touch to supply them, then it is all about obedience to His calling on their lives.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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