Just Maybe It’s Now Or Never.

 June 22 – 2014

Jews are fleeing France and all over Eastern and Western Europe. At this time they have no problem getting out of Europe or boarding a plane bound for Israel.  This scenario could have been the headlines in the 1930’s and 40’s, and just like the 30’s and 40’s that window of opportunity will quickly close leaving tens of thousands with little to no hope of surviving the coming holocaust, unless ministries like this one is able to reach them with boats.

There has never been a time more important than today to make sure the Jews of Europe know of this and any other ministry willing to go after them by sea.  The airport at Tel-Aviv will be closed when the war begins here. The plain and simple truth is it is well within range of Hamas and others who will make sure no commercial flights come in or out of there.

They need to know where it will be possible to pick them up – and of course that is not something to broadcast over the Internet.  For years I’ve been shouting of the need for larger boats and financial assistance.  Because of a few who have heard from the Holy Spirit we now have three boats and other boats that belong to friends who are willing to join in the rescue of Jews.  This ministry and the above mentioned are not able to support all the communications, logistics, medical and supplies necessary for such a ministry. We need your help and we need it now. If we wait it will be too late.  Once again I will shout as loud as I possibly can. We need the larger boat capable of carrying and providing for more Jews as the numbers will be many.

There are many in the European Jewish communities who are aware of this ministry and for years we have been getting the word out as to where we will be able to pick up Jews and bring them home to Israel.  At this very moment we are terribly low in finances and boats don’t move without fuel, and you don’t pick people up to carry them across the sea without provisions.

We have also taken on the added responsibility of stocking up food here in Israel in order to assist them once we get them home.  Our start-up Aquaponics system is working and we now know we can move forward with a larger scale operation. You guessed it, we don’t have the needed finances for that either!

Many reading this have sacrificed in your giving in the past. Your gift made many things possible, but without your continued support we can’t move forward.  We will either be ready to move out in full force and be able to reach them and bring them home or we simply won’t.

Connie, Joel and Ola are in Turkey as I write this. I was unable to make this trip because of the things we needed to take care of here in Israel.  Please stop for a minute and pray for their safety.

I want to make this report short and to the point. We need to hear from you. It is necessary for us to be ready, and it may be necessary for you to invest your finances while it still has any value.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for Connie, Joel and Ola in Turkey and for the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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