Letter from Joel Golden.


Dec. 11 –  2020

After 20 years in the Special Forces of the IDF Joel now has more time to devote to this ministry. I’m praying that you read this as it will give you an insight into his soul and spirit that God has placed in him.  In fact, he has been in total control over boats and crews for a long time and he is knowledgeable concerning communications with Rabbis and other contacts.  Just as a heads up, he is now producing a You Tube you can watch once a week at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJsbIMHnIDiZUxIa7tQqx-Q


Shalom, Jerry Golden

Peace in These Times

The world is going crazy. Not too long ago we saw apocalyptic movies from Hollywood where the whole world is under some kind of martial law that prohibited the people from the freedoms we are all used to. The people would be wearing some kind of biological attire to protect themselves and the economy would be nonexistent as well as the complete destruction of democracy.


Well those sci-fi movies happened.  When we are allowed to walk out of our front door that is the reality we are walking into.


As believers we have God’s Word with all the answers.  So that puts us at an advantage.  We also don’t have the fear that non believers have of the fear of the unknown.  We know exactly what’s coming at us and what to expect.  And we know what’s expected of us from our Lord and Saviour.


Many are called but few are chosen, to do what the lord calls us to do.  In the case of The Golden Report Ministry, we feel that we are almost ready to do what the lord has placed so heavily on our hearts.  We could always grow bigger and be able to spread our reach to save more Jews from further distances when the time comes. Thank God for what we have and if the time falls upon us tomorrow to do the task we are called for, then we will do it and save as many lives as possible.


Something that’s always in my heart is that the most important people involved in this ministry are those God has chosen and brought to this ministry.  Without your personal and spiritual connections to this ministry we would not be in the position to save lives that we are in today.


So when we walk out our front doors and start to feel the overwhelming feeling that the world has gone crazy and all we know is changing, we can take peace in knowing we are all doing our parts in God’s Plan.


Just like my Dad says, pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all the IDF soldiers and your part in this ministry.

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Shalom and Hag Sameach, Joel Golden

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