Meeting in Cyprus

Oct. 15 – 2019

Tomorrow we have a meeting with the head Rabbi on the Island of Cyprus along with two other Rabbis. As you might imagine this is a very important meeting as there are many arrangements that must be put into place we’re also meeting with some Believers on the Island who work with us.  Our son Joel has sailed over to the Island to meet with them and others.


As anti-Semitism continues to spread like wild fire throughout all of Europe, making life for Jews unbearable, much like the 30’s and 40’s and the same Nazi spirit showing its ugly head. With the insurgence of Islamic Muslims, Jews no longer have a place in Europe.


With the drums of war sounding louder daily here in Israel it’s no wonder some Jews are holding off out of fear. Others not wanting to leave their life’s work, their businesses and homes are trying to figure out where they may be the safest, and neither option (Europe or Israel) at this time looks promising.  The Aliyah (Jewish Immigration) from Europe dramatically increased this past year but many as in the 30’s, and 40’s will wait one day too late and there will be no flights into Israel.  Others simply don’t have the needed finances to make the move with the family and are living in fear of their future.  Without this ministry and others they will have no escape and I don’t need to tell you what their fate will be.


There is absolutely no doubt that when the war begins one of the first major aims of the Arab world is to destroy the International Airport in Tel-Aviv. This is a known and there isn’t much that can be done to stop such strikes from happening.  Most of the IAF (Israel Air Force) bases are scattered around the Negev and throughout Israel so it won’t stop the Israeli retaliation, not to mention the missile bases and the submarines.


Everywhere you look here in Israel high rise apartment buildings are going up and selling out even before they are built as the European Jews, who have the finances, are buying them up in order to have a place in Israel and allowing them to sit empty.  It is causing a terrible problem for available housing for young married Israelis wanting to start a family, because these European Jews are paying very high prices for the apartments making it out of reach for the young Israeli,



The Islamic enemies know Israel has United States on its side. They knew that in 1973 as well. So they waited until the impeachment fever in America was occupying the minds of the people to attack Israel.  This is beginning to look like a replay of 73 with the exception this time that they have had 46 years to build up their weapons of destruction and prepare for Ezek. 38:5-6.


There is however a belief among our high generals that this will have to be a quick war. That Israel will have no choice but to defeat its enemies with overwhelming force. We are also being told by the Israeli government to prepare ourselves as best we can for this will be like no other war Israel has ever had and that the death toll will be very high.


The war will kick off another holocaust of Jews in Europe, and there will be no escape by commercial planes. The only possible way for them to escape will be by boats.  God has shown me this years ago and it has been my commission to do all we can to make arrangements to save as many as possible with the Body of Believers God has united with this ministry.


The meeting with the Rabbis in Cyprus is the latest effort to be prepared, and to make it possible for those Jews who need us to know who we are and where we are for contact. Therefore the groundwork for such an operation has to begin with cooperation with leaders in the Jewish communities of Europe.  When this war kicks off there will be much confusion and the need for them to know us and where to find us or us to find them in time or it would all be for nothing.  The boats are obviously very important but without the necessary arrangements and contacts and communications they would be useless.


We have dedicated ourselves to saving as many Jewish lives as we possibly can with God’s help, God has moved by His Spirit on the hearts and souls of many to join us but over the years many have fallen away because it didn’t happen as quickly as they thought it would.  It’s time for us to be ready as for all of our past works and investments it is now that we must be ready, and we are not ready. Our finances are almost nonexistent and we are living from day to day trying to keep the bills paid.


When my feet hit the floor in the morning the day begins with prayer and I pray that the Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit) will speak into the hearts of those who love Israel and the Jews to recommit themselves to supporting this ministry or any other ministry that blesses Israel.


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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, jerry golden

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