New You Tube for the Golden Report

It would be helpful and very nice of you to help us get some new subscribers to this new You Tube Channel.  Any Internet or web address you have would help increase the viewers and bless this Ministry.

Joel is working on his new You Tube channel.

Check it out and let us know what you think.  It’s not too bad for a beginning also ask others to join his channel for The Golden Report.  He says if enough subscribe join this channel they begin paying us a little money.

His plans are to post one New You Tube program every week.  There will be segment on each of them with Joel and me discussing current events in Israel in regards to Prophecy. He will be making trips to places of interest and of course his opening introduction.  This is also an opportunity to meet and know Joel who has spent the past 20 years in combat Special Forces of the IDF.

I would appreciate it if you would respond to this email after watching our latest You Tube and if you have any suggestions please feel free to give them.

Shalom jerry golden


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