No I Will Not Stop! I Can’t Stop?

Over the past month or two I have found myself in deep prayer -many days simply because I find that the task set before me is far greater than ismy ability tomanage it. As the time of war, [possibly aglobal conflict – making it impossible for Jews to use commercial flights tocome home to Israel], comes evernearer, Jews are waking up to the gravity of their situation. Emails and other communications are coming to me from places I had not previouslygiven any thought to as my basket is already very full! They are asking me quitefrankly;”What about us -willyou be able to help?” You see, this is what is making me prayat a far deeper level than ever before because my answer is “not likely” barring a real miracle from God. So my answer too many of them is, you must make ALIYAH NOW! Don’t wait until it is too late to get a commercialflight and come home to Israel. We have two small 60 foot boats and that will limit us in a really big way. The thought of telling a Jewish family thatthere is no room on thevessel for them; “sorry you can’t come aboard!”is such a tormenting thought. I’ve lost sleep over it -asking God, “Why, just why, does this have to happen again?” I know your love is far above our understanding, but please dear God don’t let this happen again. I’ve said to God many times over the past couple ofyears, “surely you can find someone far more qualified than I who has the needed finances to purchase the larger boats, who has better organizational skills, who is better qualified to reach out to others for help?” My answer comes asa quiet whisper deep in my soul that simply says “TRUST ME”.

Possibly, in God’s divine way, things are beginning to move in the direction of help from others? We have had contacts over the past couple ofweeks from other, larger organizations, who want to join with us in the mission to save Jewish lives. Just when I thought it was a lost cause having to pay for the repairs on our Gullet (Boat), a man who hears from God, someone I didn’t know, stepped up and gave us the needed finances to not only pay the bills for the repairs but to give us a step forwardwith regardto purchasing the larger boat. Nevertheless, we are still at least $400,000 short of that goal.

One thing I hear from God so very clearly is not to accept speaking engagements. “Don’t go on TV or Radio only accept help fromthethose thatI send to you”. This report, this email, and our website is the only way I have been given to make our needs known. Some may have trouble understanding that, but I know what God has spoken into my heart and spirit. It is only through this medium that God will reach the ones He wants to bless. It is those who give as unto the Lord to bless Israel and the Jewish people that God has called to this ministry. Gen. 12:3.

None of us know how much time we have to make preparations and prepare, but one thing I do know, we have to take advantage of the time we now have.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray about your part in this ministry.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

Jerry Golden


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