No One Wants The Truth Any More!

Sept. 11, 2013

Many are asking me if I still believe that it was the Islamic “rebels” who used the CW in Syria. The answer is YES. Assad is a murdering monster but he is not stupid enough to use Chemical Weapons. You can see al Qaeda involvement in the process in this short video.   Click Here to see video

For those who want to believe in Obama and Kerry there is nothing I, or anyone else, can say or do to convince them otherwise. But this whole thing is a false flag operation that has strayed a little off course.

The real showdown now is not Syria but between the US and Russia and we are praying that they both will get cold feet and back off with this new deal of destroying Assad’s Chemical Weapons. But don’t count on that too quickly.

As for us here in Israel – we know that if Obama goes forward with his plans for aerial attacks in Syria, Iran has already said they would attack Israel. That means the proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon will open up with everything they have against us as well.

Bashar Assad, like his father before him, is capable of anything. Including using chemical weapons. Yet, with all eyes on him in his civil war he would never do that. It was the so-called ‘rebels’ and I believe the White House knows that very well.

With so many things coming down against Obama at home, he had to create a really big distraction and this did the trick – at least for a while. It will also backfire on him.

One way or another this war will kick off and many will die in the Middle East and possibly around the world if it develops into the third world war. And it just could and quickly. Much now depends on Obama and the next few days or weeks – not months.

You may know we here in Israel have all been issued gas masks. That does not mean that we are ready. In fact I have discovered that in most areas of the country the bomb shelters have not been updated and made ready. Bombs and missiles will kill more than gas. Even with the distribution of gas masks there is still the necessary ability to use them correctly and the knowledge of when to take them off after you put them on.

As for this ministry we now have three boats ready to go after replacing the batteries in two of them as they were over 5 years old. One boat has 12 large deep cycle batteries – the other one has 7. Those batteries run around $600 each. After the shooting stops is when the Jews will have no other way to get home to Israel but by boat.

As for who used the CW on the civilians, Obama and Kerry have produced no real evidence. Only a lot of talk to convince you that he did. It’s a false flag that has backfired on them.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden


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