No Surrender – No Peace



Most Israelis are very discouraged by Netanyahu’s acceptance of the ceasefire with Hamas after over 500 missiles and rockets were fired at our civilian population, each one of them a war crime.  Once again the IDF bombed a few empty buildings. To make certain there would be no “Palestinian” civilian causalities a small bomb is first dropped on the top of the building to tell them to evacuate right away and they do.  The Israel Air Force always tries not to kill “Palestinian” civilians and has been known many times to abort missions when civilians show up near targets.


For those living within range of the Gaza missiles and rockets the horror is beyond description. For the children it is leaving scars that may never heal.  In many cases they have a few seconds to find a bomb shelter or safe place and that are available 24/7. People sleep with their clothes on so they can get up and start running to a shelter. So the question for me is; why did Netanyahu accept a ceasefire with Hamas?  I read that he says there is secret information that caused him to accept another ceasefire with Hamas. Once again allowing Hamas to start and end the fight when they choose making it possible for them to regroup and get ready for the next fight, over and over again.  Over 200,000 Israelis are in range of these Gaza missiles and for years they have lived with them being under siege.


Large groups of Israelis are gathering in protest to Netanyahu’s decision saying they have had enough and it is time to totally destroy Hamas once and for all. Many are also demanding that Netanyahu step down.  This time the whole episode saw over 500 rockets raining down on them. It is said the Iron Done intercepted around 100 but that leaves 400 that got through and destroyed lives and homes without a word from the UN about the war crime of shelling civilians.  The 100 intercepted still fell on Jewish communities with lots of metal and explosives that can still kill you.


So why did Netanyahu accept a ceasefire instead of finishing off the terror organization.  I’ve been praying about this and after placing yourself in his position and realizing what he is up against you begin to feel sorry for the guy.  There are over 200,000 missiles set in place by Iran loaded and ready to be fired at Israel from Lebanon and Syria. Iran is pouring troops into Syria near the Israeli border backed up with Russian airplanes tanks, weapons and troops giving them an army of several hundred thousand ready to cross over into Israel.


In the meantime Hamas has been supplied with missiles capable of hitting Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.  The reason they sent 500 missiles into Israel this time is that they really wanted the IDF to get bogged down in Gaza so the war in the north with the Iran and Russian proxies Hezbollah and others could begin in an attempt to destroy Israel. Or so they think.


Netanyahu is faced with the heaviest burden any Prime Minister has ever faced.  He knows or believes Israel can and will win the war, but the Jewish causalities in Israel will be very high, nothing like any of the other wars. These ,numbers according to several Israeli Generals will be in the tens of thousands. Not something Netanyahu is willing at this time to accept.  Not the legacy he wants to leave behind. Yet more importantly. he really loves Israel and is willing to face the reality that Hamas must be dealt with but maybe next time.


It’s easy for me to say he made a mistake by accepting the ceasefire under Hamas’ terms but then we don’t know what his reasons really were. What we do know is that he is in one terrible position and will have to make the decision to destroy Hamas soon. Otherwise we will keep paying the same price for allowing them to fire their rockets at us and then shout ceasefire while they rebuild for another fight.  As for the Islamic forces in the north waiting for the right time to attack they will have to be dealt with and soon and everyone knows it.  One thing is certain; with all the military hardware accumulated in Lebanon and Syria it is now a matter of use it or lose it.  So for us here in Israel we know hell is about to break loose such as Israel has never seen in modern history.


In the meantime anti-Semitism in Europe and the world is increasing daily. Already there is no future for a Jew anywhere in Europe.  But when it breaks loose here in Israel it will be the time for the second holocaust to begin there and the Jews who leave Europe in time will have no other way to get to Israel other than boats like ours.  And if those arrangements are not made now in advance it will be too late for such arrangements, picks ups, provisions, logistics cooperation, and communications to be made.  We have been working on the above for years but now is the time to tie all the ends together and we are financially hurting to just pay necessary bills to stay afloat. Literally stay afloat.


It is necessary for us to reestablish all the contacts in the Jewish communities and with believers who are willing to join us in this ministry.  One thing I do know; there is very little time remaining for us to finish the job as soon as we can in preparing for rescues across the Mediterranean Sea.  It is not a ministry for the feint of heart or for anyone not called by God to such a commission.


God has collected those whom He has chosen to support this ministry and there is no doubt in my mind or spirit that the Devil would like to stop any support for without your support we will fail.This is a “Body Ministry” and I pray daily for God’s protection over all those called to this ministry.


If you have, for whatever reason, been holding back on your support now is the time for you to seriously pray about your decision for time is now of the essence for you to act.


Pray for peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, Jerry Golden

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