Not a Pretty Picture!

Our Arab neighbors are fighting for their lives against al-Qaida and other bloodthirsty Islamic terrorist organizations, with women and children being murdered by the tens of thousands, [in Egypt and Syria Christians are being hunted down and murdered and their churches being burnt to the ground], we see the so-called ‘leader’ of the free world backing and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida in Syria with money and military support. Throughout Africa Islamic Muslims have been, and still are, killing Christians by the thousands.

Not a pretty picture is it? Well one thing is certain. It’s going to get much worse – and soon. How do I know that? Just as the song says; “The Bible Tells Me So”? For the past few years I’ve been saying that the Islamic Arabs want to first bring down the USA before they make a full frontal attack on Israel, and today it makes no difference where you look in the USA. Be it economically, ecologically, spiritually , biblically, morally, or in any other direction – the writing is on the wall. Then we have Russia and China. Not to mention the world bankers known as the Illuminati or N.W.O. who believe it is now necessary to depopulate the world in order to save the human race.

It seems there is only one place where sanity lives and freedom and liberty are the rule of the day. Yes, I am speaking of Israel. The Arab Muslim world wants to kill all the Jews and destroy Israel. There is one thing they always forget to factor in. God is real, what God has said is real, and His love for Israel and the Jewish people is for real. And He will destroy the enemies of Israel by His mighty hand. I am sure you know that I could insert pages of Scripture to back this up. Yet it is my belief that believers who know God’s Word are reading this. For those reading this who don’t read the Bible and just warm a pew every now and then, all I can say is ‘God help you’.

The closing of 21 US Embassies shows once again Obama is not interested in defeating the terrorists who want to kill you. He is giving them another victory by showing weakness. Instead of fortifying and defending US interests and showing leadership he is running for cover while he and Congress take a 5 week vacation.

For those who God has called to this ministry I want to caution you not to take your eyes off that calling. We will save many Jewish lives. We will rescue many who will soon be running for their lives, and the only way that will be possible is your obedience to God’s call on your life to send support when you feel God is speaking to you.

The only way this ministry can be successful is for the believer who loves God and knows how important Israel is in the eyes of God. We know there are still many real Christians in the USA, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand and elsewhere, for without them we would not be here and I thank God daily for those who are truly born in the blood of Yeshua.

Joel is out of the country and will be for the next couple of weeks. Connie and I are making a trip in the next few days and will be gone for a week or more. These trips are very important and many more need to be taken. Others who have private boats are preparing to join us. Our need to purchase the larger boat is so very real and so much depends on that purchase. These trips are costly and our finances are very low. We are asking you to pray about your part. Gen. 12:3.

Please pray over all our needs and safety as we move forward in preparation for these trips. There are still a lot of needs in communications and getting the word out to Jewish communities throughout Europe.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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