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Not If, When!


There seems to be no end to the threats of war from Israel’s northern and southern borders. Several armed forces, all hostile to Israel, are massing on our northern border. Hezbollah, Syrian Army and Syrian Democratic forces being armed by Russia and Iran are all gathering on the border near the Golan Heights. It has become a weekly, [sometimes daily] exchange of missiles and air strikes across that border as they continue to fire missiles into Israel knowing Israel will respond with force each and every time. There is a very large IDF military preparedness waiting for any move from these enemy forces facing us. It’s like “they” say, it’s not if, but when.


On our southern border we have a large build-up of ISIS and Hamas from Gaza in the Egyptian Sinai training and arming when their only purpose is to attack Israel. In the Gaza Strip Hamas is spending a reported 100 million dollars a year of US and European money bringing in all the long range missiles and other weapons for their coming attack on Israel. It is also reported that they spend 40% of that 100 million dollars to employ a couple of thousand Palestinians for digging tunnels under the Israeli border.


We‘re told that Israel has some very large surprises in store for its enemies in this coming war, surprises that promise to make it a very short war. In fact Israel’s survival depends on our ability to take out several fronts under attack at the same time in a very short period of time, because the longer this war lasts the more Israeli’s will die, and this is what we are being told by our top generals in the IDF.


Israel is well aware of the fact that Hamas in Gaza have upgraded their missile capabilities for longer ranges and better accuracy. We have information that they have weapons that will be able to bypass the Iron Dome that defended us so well in the last battle with Hamas and Hezbollah. The world knows Russia has supplied S-300 and S-400 missiles to Iran and today we know that many have arrived in Syria and are today ready for operation against Israel.


Unlike previous wars with our Muslim neighbors, this time it will be Israel against Lebanon, Iran and Syria – not Israel against terrorist groups and that opens things up for a full blown war that can and will be a thousand times more violent, with comparisons that can be made with the Second World War –  but this time with far more destructive weapons.


The conversations I have had with many older Jewish men and women who have lived through several terrible wars seem to have a strange likeness to them. It’s as if there is an eerie unspoken uneasiness about this American election. We have lived through several American elections but nothing like what the world is witnessing with this one.


Between now and the beginning of the coming war with the Muslim world around us, Jews are coming home.  Isaiah 11:11 is taking place as you read this. And shortly after this coming war, Jews will be coming home to Israel in greater numbers because it will be the only place on the planet where a Jew can live as a Jew.


With Europe being overrun with Islamic terrorists, Jews who still live there know they have no future in Europe, but not unlike the Jews of Europe of the 30’s and 40’s, many are, and will, continue to believe things will get better for them, simply because they can’t bring themselves to leave the only home they have ever known. There are Rabbi’s who are also once again guilty of encouraging them to stay put, shamefully they don’t want to lose their congregations.


Anti-Semitism is a Satanic world disease and the Nazi spirit that lived in Hitler today lives on in the Islamic teaching of the Koran. Children raised on Muslim doctrine to hate Jews and believe it is their duty to kill them, when asked why, they never have a logical answer. They can only answer and say that it is what the Koran teaches and therefore they must do it. The Devil has always known that in the end times he would need a brainwashed and Satanic people to kill the Jews, for if he could accomplish that his stay and power on this planet would be prolonged.


We have no choice but to continue on with the direction God has given us to prepare for the rescuing of Jews who will be fleeing out of Europe and have no other way to get home to Israel but by sea. It seems that over the past few months the devil has been successful in discouraging many from supporting this ministry, I ask you to pray and ask God to lead you in your support and love for the Jewish people, Gen. 12:3.


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, Jerry Golden

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