While our eyes and main attention is on the war here in Israel, other things are moving very quickly around the Middle East and the world.  The thing that concerns me, and has my attention, is the closing of the Israeli international airport.  This is something I have been predicting for a while because a missile landed close to it.  http://virtualjerusalem.com/news.php?Itemid=13586  What we know will happen in the near future is that thousands of much larger and more accurate missiles will come out of southern Lebanon and Syria and one of the main targets will be the airport.  At that time the closure will not be temporary – but for a long time.  By all predictions from our military analysts things could get very very bad around here for a while.  But the good news is “we win”. You see, I have the “Book” and you do too.  Many who have the same book like to misread end time prophecy and say Israel will be destroyed – but they are wrong. When the dust settles Israel will be here and the only place on planet earth where Jews can live and be able to defend themselves.

I know that sounds like it may be a long process, but it isn’t. All of the above will happen rather quickly because of modern weaponry. Wars like this one can’t last long. For one thing, Israel has to destroy it’s enemies quickly or lose the war. We have no place to retreat. This is it for us, and God gave it to us as an everlasting covenant.  It’s God who brought us back to this land that He promised us, and if you believe that, you are a Zionist.  I could start quoting scripture but I hope I am writing to believers who have read God’s Word.

My last report to you was about moving a boat out of Turkey, and as I write this it is somewhere in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea on the way to Israel.  It is a 50 hour trip and should be here sometime tomorrow afternoon, God willing.

It will be very expensive as the mooring fees here are the highest in the Mediterranean and we simply can’t afford to keep it here. That is why I mentioned the new Marina that has offered me a three year deal in Cyprus for half price.  That is also the most ideal place for us to keep a boat for the coming rescue of Jews. It is close to Israel and the Greek islands.   The time for total commitment will also be a time when we will lose communications with the supporters of this ministry.  The time for serious preparations is now. If God has touched you to be part of saving Jewish lives through this ministry now is the time for you to dig deep before you lose the ability.

Often I am asked “what about Christians?” will you be rescuing them?  I find the question very offensive, for anyone to imagine that we would not rescue a brother or sister in Yeshua!  I have also noticed that for the most part the ones who ask that question and have other negative comments are not the supporters of this ministry.  It is also very obvious to us that a larger boat is necessary because the boats we now have are very limited in the amount of people they can bring from Europe, the Greek islands and Cyprus to Israel.  We are also doing all we can to make provision for the boats we now have and that is expensive – not just food and many other items needed for this operation, but the logistics and communications that are, and will be, even more important in the coming days.  We are also accumulating and storing provisions in the area of food and water here in Israel.

The bottom line is that the supporters of this ministry have the ability to listen and be obedient to God’s voice – but the window of opportunity is closing, for the dollar is doomed and everyone knows it. So use it to protect your family first, be a survivor.  I-Tim. 5:8.   But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.

God calls men and women to put their own house in order first.  But when God does call you, then ‘obedience’ is the word we need to be mostly concerned about, for to know to do good and do it not is a sin.

If God is speaking to you to support this ministry today, ‘obedience’ is the word.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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