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Only With God’s Help Can It Be Done. God Is Never Late.


The Ukraine situation continues to worsen. The new Government is very anti-Semitic making life extremely dangerous for the Jews who live there. Many are poor and without the means to emigrate to Israel or to leave the country in any direction. The good news is that the Israeli Government seems to be on top of the problem and willing too assist them to come home to Israel by air.
That may very well change very quickly, as our northern border is becoming more hostile with missiles being shot across into Israel on a regular basis. On each occasion the IDF returns with a volley of air strikes and missiles, telling them that each and every attack will be met with force from Israel. The question is; will Hezbollah jump into the mix with their tens of thousands of missiles capable of reaching every city in Israel? That of course depends on commands from Iran. It is believed that Iran is holding them off so they will be able to join in with a more aggressive joint attack against Israel.
Hamas in Gaza have launched over 70 missiles into Israel over the past few days causing our IDF Chief of Staff to say we need to retake Gaza- that there is no other way to stop Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. We are now hearing the same thing from some MK’s in the Knesset.
With all of that being said, the willingness of the Israeli Government to send help to the Ukrainian Jews may come to a close if war breaks out here at home. The heads of Government in the right ministries know of our willingness and limited ability to sail to the Ukraine. They also know that with the boats we now have it is more than a little out of our range of expected operations. It could be done and we will do every possible thing we can to save Jewish lives.
I am at this time reaching out for any known trusted contacts in the Ukraine for communications. What we now have is limited and could put us in unnecessary danger. Please don’t misunderstand that statement. We will go in any event when asked, believing and knowing that we have divine protection.
The one thing I am asking everyone to pray over is your support; we will need many resources because of the distance we will have to travel, and the needed provisions to bring a crowded ship home to Israel including suitcases containing personal belongings. It will be necessary for us to refuel possibly three times, depending on wind direction and our ability to proceed under sail.
What is needed is a much larger Turkish Gullet – somewhere in the 30 to 40 meter range – capable of carrying many more people and extra cargo. Cost for a decent used Gullet will run anywhere from $400,000 to over a million. When you are talking about a boat of that size that price is really cheap.
We are also in the process of stocking up on dry foods as well as moving into Aquaponics for fresh veggies. We have set up a small operation in order to survive the learning curve before trying to do anything on a larger scale. Not only those who we bring to Israel but many others will be looking for food as well.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.
Shalom, Jerry Golden

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