Organized Chaos

Sept 15 – 2020

In a time of organized chaos and with the mainline media lying to us about nearly everything, the general public finds itself confused and divided on nearly everything.  Keeping the public confused while the New World Order perform their dirty tricks mostly undetected by the masses.  After giving this some serious prayer and thought you will come to the conclusion that President Trump had nothing to do with the condition we find ourselves in today. He is God’s answer to a lot of believers who have asked God to give the United States one last chance.  It is my opinion that had the Democrats won in 2016 there would be very little left of the United States and that would look more like Sodom and Gomorrah.


I’ve prayed asking God is the size of the Trump Rallies a sign that the United States is repenting of its sins?  The answer came after a long wait, it was surprising to hear His answer “NO” it’s the beginning of the separating the tares from the wheat.  While the people are kept in a state of confusion your destruction is moving quietly towards you on the Land Sea and Air and it has a name – China.


The good news is that there is beginning to be raised up a spiritual movement in the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha Koddesh) a revival like none other, the last revival.  God has begun separating the tares from the wheat in His Church bringing together believers in the Spirit to do His work in these end times. 


China has come to the conclusion that if they are to survive, much less become, the only world power they have to destroy the United States.  And if you’re keeping up with international news you know they are moving things into position as quickly as they can.  They already fired the first shot “COVID 19”.


As large as the Islamic problem is that has destroyed most of Europe and taken over US-cities it is no problem to China and Russia. Communism knows how to handle this world without the US around.  And as far as the worlds population problem that Bill Gates talks about, when the dust settles that problem will have been eradicated with less than a third of its population surviving.  I could insert many scriptures here but I will leave it up to you to prove or disprove what I’m telling you.


We could go into the gory details of the future according to God’s Word but if what you just read above is not enough to frighten or alert you to prepare the best you can for your family go here; Survival 101 CLICK HERE.

What’s most important is your desire to save first your own soul. We can become so overwhelmed by the events of the day and worry can seep into every fiber of your thoughts causing you to take your eyes off the victory nailed to a Cross.


For those who read and understand God’s Word (KJV) know the importance of Israel and the Jew in the end days, it will not be necessary for me to tell you the importance of Israel and the Jews, in fact you have accepted a Jewish Messiah and grafted into a Jewish root (family).


The time for this ministry to be fully ready with boats and people to go into full action saving European Jewish lives is now. I believe it’s now or never. For with changes in travel, banking and governmental control over finances and the global population the days of being able to support this and other ministries will come to and end soon.  In fact, the ability we now have to use our resources in a Godly way is about to close forever.  My daily prayer is “God you know our needs and you know your people, it’s in your hands.  As for me and my house we are yours to command, we love you”.


I want to ask you to share this with others who love God and His Word.  For if they do love God and His Word they for sure love Israel.


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Shalom, jerry golden

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