Our Comfort Zone


Connie and I have never bought a home in Israel. The simple reason being, it always seemed that what money we had was always needed for the ministry.  You might say we have tunnel vision, to save Jewish lives by sea.  Why, you might ask? And the simple answer to that is; God told us to.  To say we are obsessed with saving Jewish lives would be an understatement.  Nearly all my family on my Father’s side perished in the Holocaust and the thought of my being able to save Jews from the coming European Holocaust cries out to my soul.

Today our son Joel and his wife Ola live in Israel with our very beautiful granddaughter “Eva” – and to be born in June- our new grand son.  Joel and Ola are both licensed captains as are Connie and I.  Every time I look at our granddaughter Eva, I can hear all the Golden’s who died at the hands of Hitler crying out; “Thank you we made it home”.

Today we have two 60-foot boats. One is a Turkish Gullet and the other a motor boat.  The Gullet has sails and uses less than half the amount of fuel under motor power as the motor boat. And when available (most of the time) the wind is free for the sails.  For this reason we really need to stay with the sailing gullets because when the time comes, and we think that it will be very soon, fuel will not be readily available.

Most readers of the Golden Report know how often I’ve mentioned the need for a larger Gullet.  We now hear the Voice that speaks into our spirit saying we must be willing to move from our comfort zone for the time is near to fulfill the commission God has given us.

After a lot of prayer and trying to understand what it is we are hearing, we now know what it is. We must at least be willing to move from our comfort zone.  I find that no real surprise for after over 40 years of ministry one thing I have always noticed is God seldom, if ever, calls us to convenience – but more often to an inconvenience.  Before I tell you what that is I want to tell you that Connie and I are in fact very happy. We have lived for many years in the Judean Hills outside of Jerusalem in a nice house and yard. We have chickens, a greenhouse and three bedrooms.  We only rent and anyone can tell that renting in Israel is not cheap; we have started thinking that the money we pay for rent could go for ministry things, like provisions and fuel, mooring fees etc.  Not to mention the cost of travelling, setting up contacts around the Mediterranean is another expense that we need to try to limit as much as possible.

With anti-Semitism on the rise throughout all of Europe the need for us to be in place to rescue Jews becomes more obvious daily.  It is already being said there is no future for a Jew anywhere in Europe, and the door for their escape by commercial flights will instantly close when the war begins.  We could very well be the only way for some to reach the safety of Israel by boat.

With all the above said, it is now necessary for us to know that we must be willing to move onto a boat to always be ready.  The Gullet we now have is not suitable for Connie and I to live on and still have room for rescuing Jews and bringing them home to Israel.  We are willing to give up our comfort zone of living in the Judean Hills and move onto a boat knowing that nearly everything we call ours will have to go and we’d have to learn once again to live with little.  For us to do that would be a joy unto the Lord (Messiah).  But in order to make such a move we need a larger boat and one we could live on and move about the Mediterranean coastline.  This might sound like a dream for some reading this, and it would be for them as a short vacation.

If we sell the boat we now have to invest in a larger Gullet it would put us short a boat to rescue Jews with.  It could also place us in a situation between times with no boat when we must have one.

It seems that our willingness to give up our rented house must be coupled with the willingness of the supporters God has called to this ministry to make a real sacrifice so that we can buy a boat that would be livable and large enough to rescue many Jews.

I am asking you to stop what you are doing, pray and allow God to speak to you, be quiet and listen, I am sure He will give you directions on what you should give to save Jews.

We can buy a seaworthy used 30 to 40 meter Gullet for around $450,000 – a new one would cost in the millions.  If all those God has called to this ministry would be obedient to God’s voice we could buy that Gullet right away.

If God has been speaking to you about supporting this ministry in Israel, we welcome your support.

The best way at this time is by personal cheque and sent by airmail, and if you are concerned about security you can register the letter. You can send Personal or Bank Cheques by airmail or registered mail.  Western Union and other Money Orders are O.K. but U.S. Postal Money Orders cannot be cashed outside the USA. Send all cheques payable to Jerry Golden.

Jerry Golden
PO Box 10268

Jerusalem 91102 Israel

We do not use PayPal.  They illegally withheld this ministry’s money for over 3 years, to know more     about Paypal click on www.paypalsucks.com  

Bank Transfer Information:

For those who would rather make a direct bank account transfer we offer the following bank information.  Banks are becoming more difficult to deal with in bank transfers if the amount is over 9,000.  Please keep in mind that personal cheques, bank cheques (any amount)  are still the best and cheapest way for you to support this ministry.

Name: Golden, Jerry and Connie

Account Number: 301-07-308782-01

International Bank Account (IBAM) is

CY88 0050 0301 0003 0107 3087 8201

and the SWIF code (BIC) of Hellenic Bank is HEBACY2N

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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