Pray for our Prime Minister

Pray for our Prime Minister, He carries a heavy burden.

Hamas is still on track and in total control of the Gaza Strip, not only able to terrorize us here in Israel but to kill and torture its own people. Somehow, America and the Muslim Brotherhood have arranged a cease-fire after 8 days of shelling our civilian population. Not to mention the past few years of daily sending rockets into our cities and towns in the south. Terrorizing our citizens, and children living in bomb shelters and unable to go to school. But somehow the so-called civilized world hasn’t called that a war crime or a crime against humanity. As soon as Israel fires back to stop this insane shelling of our cities and towns the so-called civilized world starts to shout very loudly about war crimes committed by Israel against Gaza. It’s like having your neighbor come over to your house and repeatedly punch you in the face and when you start to fight back, he shouts “Peace and Cease-Fire” and you are expected to stop and let him regain his strength for another day – to come over to your house again and do the same thing.

I’ve noticed that for the past few years there have been no demonstrations in European cities or in the US against the Hamas shelling of our citizens. There hasn’t been an outcry to stop Hamas which has sworn to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews. The UN has not outcast Iran for saying it will wipe Israel off the map.

I, like every Israeli I know, wonders why Netanyahu didn’t finish off Hamas the last time this happened or the time before that. This time we felt sure he would put a stop to these Islamic murderers – but no, he didn’t. Instead he allowed one of our greatest enemies to negotiate a cease-fire without finishing off Hamas once again.

Maybe we should all realize that the only thing we know is what is fed to us by a media that has long since lost any creditability over being honest with the public. It has occurred to me many times that it is not what we know, or think we know, but it is what we don’t know that makes these kind of apparent insane decisions happen.

Possibly Israel knows that Hezbollah is sitting on our northern border with God only knows how many missiles aimed at all the Israeli cities – possibly armed with chemical warheads. And Israel knows that for some reason Iran hasn’t ordered Hezbollah to join in the war for a reason. Possibly that reason is that they were waiting for Israel to commit its ground forces into Gaza? When they did, it was then possible they were going to start shelling all the cities of Israel.

Maybe Iran was using this as a dress rehearsal for the main event soon to come and they wanted to see just how effective the Iron Dome really was? Wanting to know just what it would take to overwhelm it?

Then we have the civil war in Syria, and the possibility that if Israel opened up a ground offensive this would give Assad the supposed reason to open fire on Israel in support of the “Palestinians”? In so doing taking the attention and pressure off himself.

Then there is a far reaching possibility. If Iran had Hezbollah attack, and possibly even join in, with their own missiles against Israel and all the US military bases in the Middle East – it could well start the Third World War. So, Netanyahu had a lot on his plate to consider. So, even though I didn’t agree (for what that is worth) he knows far more than we do, and he certainly has my prayers and support. He is our Prime Minister, and for now the best we can come up with.

There are several other possible scenarios that we could go into, but I think you get the drift of how involved and complicated it is in this part of the world.

One thing is certain. Hamas and the Islamic Jihad will not hold the cease-fire very long, possibly until the IDF withdraws its troops from the Gaza border and then they will begin again. They may, however, wait until they receive the re-supply of missiles and rockets. But we will be at this same place possibly, and the next time things could be much worse.

It’s also very easy for us (you and I) to allow ourselves to become distracted from the call God has on our lives. In so doing many more could die because of that distraction. It is my desire to stay concentrated on the task at hand; making preparation for the coming rescue of Jews who will be fleeing for their lives out of Europe and the rest of the world.

We now have three boats, but still need the larger boat to save many more when the time comes – and it is coming very soon now. I am asking you once again to pray about your involvement in this ministry. If God has touched you to be part of blessing Israel in this way, that alone tells me you are selected for a reason, God loves you. Gen.12:3.

Joel with his wife Ola and those with them are coming across the Mediterranean Sea and should arrive some time Sunday here in Israel. Please make a special time for them in your prayers.
If God has been speaking to you about supporting this ministry in Israel, we welcome your support. The best way at this time is by personal cheque and sent by airmail, and if you are concerned about security you can register the letter. You can send Personal or Bank Cheques by airmail or registered mail. Money orders are also okay, with the exception of US Postal Money Orders. They are not accepted outside of the US. All other cheques and money orders can be sent

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Name: Golden, Jerry & Connie
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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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