Prayer today at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount.


No the man standing near me (but 6-feet) away is not Joel, Joel is taking the picture.


We (Connie, Joel and I) were finally able to make it to the Western Wall to pray again placing hundreds of prayer request in the cracks.  What a blessing this has been for us over the past 40 years, Connie and I started this in 1980 as a service to the supporters of this ministry and quickly discovered it was us who were getting the greatest blessing.


It’s also been very exciting hearing of all the answered prayers, healings, relatioship restorations, financial and personnal.


Our son Joel made a YouTube video of our trip today I have no idea how to do that he should have it up for viewing soon, it’s something new he wants to add to the web site.  After 20 years in the IDF Special Forces he now has more time to devote to the ministry. The IDF isn’t finished with him yet but still use his group at times.


He has traveled with me in meetings all over the Eastern Mediterranean and knows all the right people and places established over the years.  It’s time for me to start releasing more control over to him.  He knows all the communications and contacts, routes and safe places, Him being more active takes a lot of pressure off of me allowing me to devote my time to more sensitive issues.  He is also our first Captain with a RYA and Israeli Yacht Masters Certificate and many years of experience.


To support this Ministry


Shalom, jerry golden

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