Read This One Twice.

Oct 19-2013
In my last report I mentioned the need to prepare to feed those whom we rescue and possibly others. There are two ways I’m aware of that would make it possible for us to feed large numbers. There will be Jews looking for food in Israel when the missiles and rockets stop falling from the sky. When the terrorists are defeated and we can get back to preparing to receive our Messiah. Much of what I am about to report can also be taken to apply to the US, Europe and around the world.

There are many ways to collect and store survival food, depending on how gourmet you want to go. My idea of survival is basic and basic means basic. Like beans, rice and wheat, some cooking oil, and some seasoning to make it palatable. There are some freeze-dried foods you can buy, but they are expensive. You can buy a dehydrator and dehydrate nearly any vegetable. But the quickest and cheapest way to get ready for what is coming at you is to buy yourself some Mylar Bags. The size that fits in a 6 gallon bucket. Fill them with beans, rice, wheat and maybe noodles. You can seal the bags with an ordinary home iron set on the “Wool” setting. The Mylar bags are all you need to store the food for years. You can also buy the oxygen pads to put in them with a couple bay leaves. The cans are only to keep the rodents out of your food.

The main thing is not food, as important as that may be, it is water. You need ways to filter dirty water. My suggestion is a gravity filter called Big Berkey, and it has been used by missionaries for decades and works great. You can also buy 55 gallon drums. As a last resort keep a gallon of bleach on hand. A few drops will clean water enough to drink.

You might find the second way is news to you? It is called Aquaponics (look it up on the Internet. It is much easier than you think and could feed you and your family forever with fish and vegetables).

I could go into a lot of details on ‘Survival’ but I have written a few articles a while back on the subject. Click Here for the information on Survival.

Unless you have an army to fight with you, don’t think about fighting to save your resources. Think about hiding and returning to fight another day – and possibly another way. When a gang shows up in front of the house with AK 47’s firing at will you have to know they want your food and killing you will mean nothing to a hungry mob. So keep that in mind in your placement of food and how you let others know what you are doing. Begin to find others of like mind and bond with them. Make gathering arrangements for when it all comes down. And it’s coming down.

OK, so now you have made up your mind that I am either nuts or I really care for you and your survival.

For those reading this who know me, know I am also preparing to save as many Jewish lives as possible who will be running for their lives out of Europe and elsewhere. God has made promises to those who love Him and abide by His Word. He says He will bless those who bless Israel. As the “Times of the Gentiles” closes, the time for God’s prophetic Word concerning Israel and the soon coming of the Messiah is unfolding before our eyes. I ask you to read Gen 12:3 then pray if you have a part in this ministry.

God has given me an added burden to store food in large quantities to feed those who we will be bringing by boat to Israel. This will be done mostly by Mylar Bags full of staples and the necessities for survival until order has been restored in Israel.

My prayer has been more of a conversation with God when this burden fell upon me over the past few weeks. I remember saying to God; we don’t have the finances to buy the needed larger boat, and there is still much preparation to be done around Europe and the Mediterranean Coast. How can we take on such a responsibility at this time? The answer was; “By Faith, Trust in Me”.

So, precious people, I am stepping out once again by faith, and believing God to touch those whom He will – for we know one thing; this is not a one-man-show, but a “body” ministry.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden

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