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Remembering the Germans and the French.

Jan 2-2018

As a Jew who grew up in the 40’s I watched my grandparents sit and cry when speaking of the family back in Germany who were taken to concentration camps never to be heard from again. Knowing it wasn’t just the Nazis but regular German soldiers who murdered Jews in these camps.

I remember in 1977 my wife Connie and I were flying to Germany out of Israel on a German airline and I heard the German captain come over the intercom with his rough and loud German language. I was sitting beside an old friend Art Katz and his wife Inger and I asked them what are we doing on this plane, why would any Jew go to Germany, have we lost our mind? Saying that to them stayed in my mind and I kept rolling it over and over trying to find the answer.

It was a few days later, while visiting the extermination camp at Dachau, where many in my family were murdered, that I had a spiritual encounter shake me to the core of not only my Jewishness but my belief in Yeshua giving me a deeper understanding of God’s sovereignty. As we were standing by the ovens in the crematorium looking at ashes still in them with tears in my eyes I noticed a German soldier standing off to the side. He had a very hateful look on his face at least that is what I perceived.

It was then the Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit) spoke to me and what He said shook me to my very soul. “But by My grace you were not born a German and a soldier in this very camp”. When I looked back at that soldier with tears in my eyes and for those who know me know crying is something not common to me. But a holy compassion swelled up inside of me for this poor man who experienced Jews walking by him looking towards him with hate because he was a German soldier.

I walked over to him with those same tears flowing down my face and told him in my terrible German that I loved him, he showed a hint of a small smile and I could see the tears welling up in his eyes.

Over the years I have met and become friends with many Germans and for the most part have found them to be good decent people and many love Israel and the Jewish people. But today the neo-Nazi movement is one of the largest in Germany. To add to that Islam has been ushered into the country by Angela Merkel, and today the German women dare not walk alone and are not even safe without escorts from being raped or at a minimum harassed on the streets. Jews dare not wear any clothing or jewelry that says they are Jewish. They are bombed and murdered in Synagogues and I have to ask myself again why any Jew would want to live there, for there is no future for a Jew in Germany. For those who have been with me over the past 20 + years know I have been saying it would happen.

The Jews of France are faced with violence and anti-Semitism even worse than that in Germany. As I walk down a street in Jerusalem French can be heard everywhere. Jews are leaving France, Germany and all of Europe as Islamic migrants move in and take over whole towns, terrorizing women and refusing to assimilate into the French culture. During the Second World War the French assisted the Nazis in deporting Jews to extermination camps, in fact the first extermination camp was built in France, Struthof, or Natzweiler-Struthof, in Alsace, France.
Today in France they have passed a new law just for the Jews. A tax collection agency specifically for collecting tax from Jews and to investigate Jews has been opened, much like the 30’s and 40’s with the Nazis. Needless to say Jews are pouring out of France as they see the writing on the wall again.

Many things are happening at the same time concerning Jews and Israel. Iranian, Syrian, Hezbollah and Russian troops are massing on Israel’s northern border. Iran is pouring money into southern Lebanon and southern Syria in preparation for an Israel invasion. Once again we are seeing missiles and rocket flying out of Gaza – also supplied by Iran – into Israel.

The IDF are building up our forces on our northern border and our generals are telling everyone to get ready for the war and that many will die on both sides. We greet every morning grateful the war didn’t start while we were sleeping and wondering if it will be today. The towns along the northern border have made preparations for total evacuations deeper into Israel.

We also know that one of the first targets will be our international airport in Tel-Aviv, but Hezbollah now claims to have over 200,000 missiles capable of hitting every square inch of Israel.

One thing we all know is that this one will be fast and very violent. Nothing will be held back. Lebanon will be destroyed as will Gaza and Syria (Damascus) and Iran will be hit by both the US and Israel.

While this is going on, the Islamic forces throughout Europe will go after the Jews with full force, and they will be running for their lives looking for a way out or a place to hide. With the Tel-Aviv airport out of service they will only have one possible way to go home to Israel. You got it …BY BOAT. And please hear me loud and clear; we are not ready but could be very quickly with some finances. One of our boats in now located in Turkey and must be moved. The other one is here in Israel ready to go but needs to be moved to a Greek island marina and that takes finances we don’t have.

We have spent years making contacts and communications knowing this would happen and today it’s happening before our eyes. Somehow the Devil has been able to either stop or slow down the support we so badly need to save Jewish lives. If God has called you to be part of this ministry now is the time for a really sacrificial gift. Please just stop and pray right now. I know if you will God will speak to you, then it is just up to you to be obedient or not.

If God has been speaking to you about supporting this ministry in Israel, we welcome your support.
The best way at this time is by personal cheque and sent by airmail, and if you are concerned about security you can register the letter. You can send Personal or Bank Cheques.

Western Union Money Orders are not good in Israel
U.S. Postal Money Orders cannot be cashed outside the USA

Make cheques payable to:
Jerry Golden
PO Box 10268
Jerusalem 91102 Israel
Western Union Money Transfers, are good.
Send to Jerry Golden, in Israel. They will give you a number that you can email to me so I can pick it up at any Western Union Office in Israel.

Information needed for a Bank transfer below:
Jerry Golden
Account Number 88292
Bank Hapoalim (Branch 690)
Code Swift: Poalilit
IBAN CODE IL53-0126-9000-0000-0088-292
Jerusalem, Israel

Your bank will most likely want the Bank address it is as follows.

Bank Hapoalim (Branch 690)
16 King George
Jerusalem 94229
It is important to know that Bank Transfers that amount to over $9,000 requires a lot of paper work and contracts so please keep each transaction with the Banks under that amount.
As long as the mail is running it is still my belief that a personal cheque sent airmail and if necessary by registered letter is the cheapest and fastest way to send support.
If God has touched you to bless this ministry in Israel, I don’t need to tell you how important this support is, and if He hasn’t touched you, there is no way I could make you understand.
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this ministry and your part in it.
Shalom, Jerry Golden

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