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Second Part of the Vision of 10-9-2011


Many have asked me to release the second part of the vision of 10-9-2011. After much prayer I feel the need to release it, it is for you to judge. I have not had it proof read and have made no corrections for fear of changing it in some small way. Below is what was written down 10-9-2011 and held back until this date. Today I feel I have no choice but to send this out. I realize there is not a lot of detail but it is how I got it.

Vision second part

Man has never fully understood that I Am the Aleph and the Tav, (The beginning and the end) even the appointed times of the heavens are by My directions and are set according to the Aleph and Tav (beginning and the end) by My Word the seas and the earth move or stay calm according to my directions. The evil in the world and the universe wait for My permission to unleash terrible horrors upon mankind.

The religion of men have perverted the relationship I desire with man, your desire to please Me comes from the Holy Spirit that whispers into your hearts not that from the ideas of men. As Tav (The End) approaches it is only those who have a relationship with Me who will overcome the horrors that have already begun. Man has never seen or imagined the terrible events the end will bring.

Man has unleashed unspeakable hatred on the ones I have chosen to bring them My Salvation, in the days that follow I will show My great love for them and those who know of my love for them.

Repentance and Confession of your sins in my Word can save you but the time has passed for the sins of mankind and Nations. If you love Me, I will take away your fears.

The end of the second part of the 2011 vision.

Shalom, jerry golden

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