Short and to the Point,

Short and to the Point,


I’ve been shouting as long and as loud as I can that the next big war Israel has with the Islamic blood thirsty Muslims in Gaza, Lebanon and Iran will set off the final anti-Semitism that would seal the fate of European Jews and the Jews around the world even in America.  That the Devil has many targets on his list, but the Jews are number one and true Christians are number two for the Devil’s final demise will be determined in Israel by the Jews at the hand of God.  The Islamic Quran has the same two people on their kill list; they call us the people of the book.  We are witnessing the above on a global scale as Jews worldwide are living in fear and they have now come face to face with the hunters of Jeremiah 16:16.


The world has gone spiritually insane and evil is worshipped with the promotion of evil throughout our society. Homosexuality, Transsexuals, family life being destroyed and the youth in our cities living with the despair and lack of hope in their future.  God being barred from our schools and for a large part in many churches who have accepted watered down versions of God’s Word.  With Pastors who hold down a job and not a calling and who believe one thing and preach another and many who preach prosperity and never about sin and repentance that would bring revival.  I could go on and on but I know I’m preaching to the choir so I need to get to the heart of this message.

Because the Church for the most part has denied its congregations the knowledge of their Jewish heritage and foundation they now don’t understand the importance of the Jew and Israel, not knowing that by adoption they have the right to claim themselves to be as Jewish as the Head Rabbi in Jerusalem.  Thank God there are a few who do know this spiritual truth and have become part of this and other ministries who know the importance of God gathering the Jews from around the world back in Israel for His prophetic Word2Thes.2:3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;  This tells me that there will be a great deception in the end days and now we are hearing of UFO’s and aliens, Covid-19, and the unbelievable evil of the Democrat Party now sitting in the White House and Islamic militants killing and beheading Christians by the thousands on a daily basis.

We are watching the destruction of the USA and the almighty dollar yet most still haven’t come to terms with that reality.  For those who have been called to ministry in Israel see very clearly the evil that is coming and the time to rescue Jews from the approaching global holocaust is running out quickly. I have no shame in asking you to pray and ask God for directions on how to bless Israel and the Jews after all you are grafted into a Jewish family.

For those who are still reading, if you can invest in this or any other ministry in Israel I encourage you to do it now, (Gen 12:3) and that means very soon.  Because of our efforts of establishing contacts and communications with Rabbis and believers throughout the Middle East who can be trusted we can do what others can’t and the Devil knows that and has attacked our finances because he knows without finances we are dead in the water.

I can only pray that God will bless this report to you because we really need a huge miracle.

Our son Joel and his wife Ola are now with the ministry full time and their two absolutely beautiful children.  (I’m Paw-Paw).  Joel is also head Captain in the ministry and handles the boats and crews needed.  I can’t think of anything he doesn’t know about the ministry, He is now 42 and our youngest child. He loves Yeshua and his mother and I are very proud of him.  If you’ve never met Joel I suggest you spend a little time by watching his YouTube Channel “TheGoldenReport”

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Shalom, jerry golden

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