Sometimes God Has Different Plans!

Sept 24 – 2020

For years I thought our plans for when Connie and I got older that Joel would be in a position to continue the ministry of rescuing European Jews from the coming Holocaust.  He is a highly qualified Captain and has full knowledge of all the operations and contacts with emergency communications.  He has spent 20 years in the IDF as a Special Forces Combat Commander. To say he is qualified would be an understatement.  I might also mention Ola his wife is also an ex-IDF soldier and very capable of handling her share of the load.


Because Connie and I have always known that when the time comes to send out boats and others into what will be a war zone in the middle east we’d need a very large influx of cash in order to take care of the hundreds of things this ministry will have to have to succeed.  It would be necessary for Connie and I to go to the US find a motor-home and travel speaking in Churches in order to raise the needed finances for this ministry to succeed.


Well the time has come for the needed finances and the door has closed for us to help support the ministry in that way.  It may be just as well for neither Connie nor I wanted to make that trip at this time to the US.  In fact it has been 20 years since my last trip to America and from what I see on Fox News I may not even recognize the place.  For that matter I have 3 of our kids living there with 5 grandkids and 3 great-grandkids and I wish it was possible for us to bring them home to Israel where they belong.


Besides I am also a very experienced (50 Years) Captain and the one who has the most knowledge of the whole picture. And it is a large picture as many have been contacted and wait for our word telling them we will be there and not to worry, but at this time we cannot tell them that because we are not ready.  This past year our finances have fallen off more than 50% and we are now struggling to pay basic bills. In fact our rent is 2 months overdue as you read this.  Satan takes great pleasure in whispering in my ear that we have failed and many Jews will die.  He knows my answer every time and that is “I bind and rebuke you in the Name of Yeshua HaMashiah (Jesus the Jewish Messiah) we have not failed God is still on the throne and I haven’t left planet earth yet.


In fact, I still believe the Holy Spirit will touch the ones He knows that can come forward with the amount needed to purchase the larger boat making it possible for us to sail further and bring hundreds home each trip to Israel.  The reason we haven’t gone completely under is because of the blessed ones who have stayed faithful to His calling and sent their monthly support.  There is no doubt that God loves them very much and the Golden’s love them very much as well because we know for some it has been a real sacrifice.


You may know as I do that we have precious little time to get ready, in fact it is now an emergency for us to get ready and fast.  The world has gone completely insane and we haven’t seen anything yet because it is going to get worse, much worse.


The good news is that the large boats we need that once sold for over a million dollars because of the bad economy in Turkey and elsewhere, owners have no charter business and the cost of crew upkeep and mooring they want to sell and there are no buyers.  These are sailboats and also can motor over a thousand miles under power if need be.  They can be found all over the Med ranging from 30 to 40 meters (100’ to 120’) capable of reaching out to places like France and beyond.  At this time we are only able to make trips back and forth to Cyprus, Turkey, the Greek Islands of Rhodes, Kos and Crete.


My personal message to those who have withheld their support for whatever the reason it is now praying time. A lot of time, money and effort [not to mention the prayers of thousands of saints] have gone into getting us into a position to accomplish the task God has set before us.  We all know that with the Devil showing his ugly head in American politics and the coronavirus lockdowns many are really hurting.  We as Believers in Yeshua know that He does nothing apart from faith.  And I believe God gave us  supernatural faith to continue.

Gen. 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. I can tell you one thing I know beyond any doubt, God never lies, he can’t.


Writing this report to you speaking of large amounts of money when we are having a hard time paying our basic bills and possibly you are having the same struggle – but that is also called faith.  God is faithful and He never fails us if we abide by His Word in faith believing with our hearts.  So much depends on your response I pray that you understand the seriousness of this report. We are running out of time and the world is about to make changes none of us thought could happen so quickly.


I want to take this opportunity to ask you to join with me asking the Holy Spirit to move en masse around the world and that revival “true selfless prayer and love for each other overwhelms us all”  In the true Church God is separating the Tares from the Wheat be sure you’re in the right place.


To send your love gift to this Ministry please  CLICK HERE.


Joel has started a You Tube and he needs subscribers you may enjoy taking a look CLICK HERE.


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.  Pray for this ministry and your part in it.


Shalom, jerry golden

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