Straight and To the Point

It seems that daily I am asked when the war will start, and do I think Israel will be destroyed like so many are predicting – some even prophesying. Where they are getting this prophecy from is another question for another day. And how do we plan on rescuing European Jews and bring them home to Israel.

Let me answer all the above in plain language. The war in the Middle East could start at any minute now. No, Israel will not be destroyed. There is no doubt that many will die, even our IDF Generals are telling us that. It would be impossible for us to intercept all the missiles that Hezbollah and Hamas have amassed – thanks to Iran. And if Iran is able to launch their deadly cargo of God only knows what, we can only pray to God that our anti-missile defences will get the right ones.

There are Jews all over the Middle East and in Europe that are not only aware of our mission but have been in contact with us. For years we have been planning and making arrangements for communications and safe houses. Without this kind of ground-work done in advance having just a couple boats would be worthless.

Then there are those who like to tell me that; “Jerry you can’t save many with two 60 foot boats”. I agree, but we can save those whom God sends us. We don’t have an army to retrieve them and escort them to the boats; we don’t have an ocean liner to carry tens of thousands. But we have boats that can go into discreet places and pick up Jews who would have died in the coming holocaust had we not been there for them. This ministry has been, and is, God ordained and those whom God calls to this ministry have been touched by the Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit). As things stand today Jews are still able to get on a plane and fly to Tel-Aviv with little to no problem. There are organizations willing to help them make Aliyah. That window of opportunity is about to close and everyone knows it.

Had this ministry not been getting word to the Jewish community in Europe over the past few years they would not know of us. When it all comes down to it they know who we are and what we are willing to do for them. That we will, without hesitation, put our lives on the line for them.

As for this coming war, when the smoke settles Jews will be running for their lives trying to find a way home to Israel and they know about this ministry. Am I happy about the position we are now in with two 60 foot boats? Absolutely not. Have I been putting the need before the Body that God has joined to this ministry? You know the answer to that. I pray daily, not only for the needed finances for a larger boat, but for the needed finances to be sure we will have fuel and other provisions needed for what we must do. To put it simply; a larger boat with a longer range of operation would save many more. Nevertheless, we have two 60 foot boats of the kind needed for such a mission and we will do what God has made possible for us. And God makes it possible though the ones He has joined to this ministry.

Until the day the war begins we still have time to buy and equip a larger Turkish Gullet for this ministry. Do I get tired of asking? YES. Will I stop? NO. In fact I will beg if need be, for one more Jewish life to be saved.

Not only Israel, but the whole world is in big trouble. What is directly ahead of us will render it impossible to completely provide for others unless our relationship with Yeshua is strong. For those reading this know without my telling them that Israel is the Apple of God’s Eye and those who bless her will be blessed.

If you have been waiting, for whatever reason, to bless this ministry, now is the time to do it.

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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers.

Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

Shalom, Jerry Golden


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