Thank You

During all the horrors going on in this world with War, Hunger, and economic fall after the decisions of the world leaders during corona, I felt led to write this short but important thank you letter to you all. 

Your Support to our Ministry is so humbling and Divinely uplifting while all of these horrible things are going on around us. To feel the conformation of the Lord through all of you with your monthly Support is amazing. At a time like this, I could only pray to have the ability that my Father has to be able to put in words to convey to you how grateful and blessed I am to see all the Support our community is giving.  

When the Lord gave me the Vision of feeding the precious people of the State of Israel, I’ll be honest with you all, It raised a lot of concerns as to how it would work with the boat Ministry and how the long term Supporters of this Ministry would receive this addition to our mission. 

Like we all know, but easier said than done if you just get out of the Lord’s way He always works everything out.  I Love all of you and wish that I could put in words just how much I Love you and how important you all are to the work that God is doing here in the State of Israel. I apologize for not being good enough with words to allow you to feel what I am feeling after reading this letter.  I can only pray that you are pulling my heart through the page as you read and experience the love.

This was a short letter and something that is very important to me to say. 


If you are not yet a Supporter in this Ministry and the work we do, please pray about it, and if you feel led then you can find the links below to help you find the easiest way for you to send your Support.


To Support this Ministry CLICK HERE


God Bless you All


Joel Golden

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